N.C. lawmaker wants law to keep people from yelling at transphobic former governor


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/01/25/n-c-lawmaker-wants-law-to-kee.html


Oh, so they want to instate an anti-criticism law.

I criticize that.



If the people were already acting in a way befitting the breathless hyperbole of “rioting” and “threatening his life” there are already laws on the books to cover that. Hence the police coming to see if any somesuch were occurring. Find some other sheep disguise for your bullshit censorship wolf.


Man! Are the tobacco fields in NC being replaced by weed? Why are these SOBs so damn paranoid?

I was nearby when this happened and it was a very non-violent affair. Although being faced with a few hundred people chanting “SHAME” at you I can imagine that there were some tightly puckered anuses on the receiving side…


If they were, then that would make one good thing about living in North Carolina.

Talk like that only arouses the republicans.


Times like these I’m jealous of my dog. Granted he has very few rights to begin with … but other than that he’s oblivious and I’m envious in that regard.


[quote]“Other governors never faced riotous mobs in their post-service, private lives, without personal security.”[/quote]The obvious rejoinder is that other governors never signed bills about where people can widdle.

“Lines are being crossed” ? You don’t say.


And, shockingly enough, nobody came out of the woodwork to mock this attempt to impose a ‘safe space’ that will apparently follow all North Carolina government agents; because existing laws concerning public harassment apparently aren’t enough; but don’t need to be amended to protect the little people, because reasons.

I shocked.



We’re going to start seeing a lot of lese majeste laws being proposed on behalf of any elected GOP executive.


Fortunately this won’t go anywhere because, as we all know, the GOP doesn’t support special legal protections for groups of people just because the general public doesn’t like them.


How much longer will we have to coddle these snowflakes and their safe-spaces?


All the world’s a safe space, and all the republican pols merely snowflakes.


So this means that we can go straight to the tar and feathering then?


Conservatives seem to have perfected the art of being professional victims.


And yet they don’t like soccer for some reason.


And they would have gotten away with it too if it weren’t for the first amendment…

…is what I want to say because I hope it’s still true.


Thin-skinned people have no place in politics. If they really wanted to be jerky about it, they probably could have had the shouters ticketed for disturbing the peace. But to demand a law that provides them with a safe space is freaking weak! Toughen up and deal with the fact that people may not have the same thoughts and feelings as you, Mr. McCrory!


And he can perform necessary bodily functions pretty much wherever he wants without having to worry about being harassed or even attacked.


Just not in the house.