North carolina votes to discriminate against lgbt


in 10 hours from start to finish the republican dominated legislature of north carolina, with the approval of their republican governor, made it against the law for cities in north carolina to enact anti-discrimination ordinances protecting the civil rights of lgbt people. the law also mandates restrooms are restricted to use by single genders determined by the birth certificate gender of the individual. the law also makes it impossible for cities to pass their own minimum wage standards. what a country!

a report from tuesday–

a good discussion of the act and the politics involved in its passage–

follow-up from vox–


I was really surprised BB did not cover this in an official post!


i, too, felt that was an oversight.


Yeah, kinda odd. It’s been posted on the BBS at least 3 times now.


could you point to where those posts are? i used the search feature and all i found was a comment about north carolina on a post from yesterday about the georgia law.


That was one of them, and I linked to a story in the Have you seen THIS? thread, so you wouldn’t find that by searching. It probably did deserve its own thread.


The local news from GA on a bill aimed at this sort of discrimination indicates that the governor has been put into a tight spot, as the entertainment industry has threatened to pull out of the state (I don’t know if that includes shows that are filming here, such as Walking Dead and Halt and Catch Fire). The NFL isn’t happy about it… I don’t think Deal will sign the GA law.

Shame on NC, though, especially for focusing on nullifying local laws…


This news is getting to me badly, even though the chance of me going to North Carolina was close to zero before this law was passed.



I visit there frequently and have many friends there. It’s a beautiful state, with mountains and beaches and forests all in the same vicinity.

It’s really sad how Carolina culture is dominated by a “Good Ol’ Boy” meme, that rejects intellectualism in all forms. It reminds me of how some South American countries are said to be dominated by the “Macho” meme. I know a very intelligent man, a superb artisan and scholar, who has not a bigoted bone in his body - but who nonetheless will sit silently while others spew ignorant, racist and sexist nonsense. I’ve confronted him about this, and he says simply “I have to live and work in this community. My family will be ostracized and I will be economically discriminated against if I start calling out all the falsehoods that are accepted here as truth.”


“the law also mandates restrooms are restricted to use by single genders determined by the birth certificate gender of the individual.”

Well, there’s your secret motivation for the bill right there.

They don’t just say to discriminate. They also want to stop President Obama from going to the bathroom in the state.


Holy crap! We need laws banning law makers from bathrooms.


That could get messy.



Guess you were right! Perhaps he’s not as big an arse as I always thought. Or money talks.


The best thing I heard in terms of countering this is for the NCAA / NFL / NBA and other big money sports orgs to boycott the state. You gotta hit 'em where it hurts – right in the sportsball.

The experience of Indiana, which faced losing the NCAA’s headquarters, and the boycott threats Georgia is facing from Disney and the NFL, which awarded it the Super Bowl, won’t be lost on North Carolina’s business leaders.

Oakley put it more succinctly: In North Carolina, if lawmakers want to be pro-business, “they can’t be anti-LGBT.”


These are the same folks who banned scientific predictions of sea-level rise.


I saw! Losing the Hollywood $$$$ scared him in the right direction. He knew the tech sector could be next after that…


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