NBA pulls 2017 All-Star Game from Charlotte over North Carolina's transgender bathroom law


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Oh my.

The sarcastic part of me wants to observe that these “religious” bigots have inflicted collateral damage upon the One True Religion of the United States–organized, major-league sports.





If North Carolina goes bankrupt from all the business they are losing, who is going to bail them out?


Pee pee & poo poo are complicated matters in North Carolina, sadly so.


The NBA should be ashamed of itself for using North Carolina—particularly its young girls…

Well at least he didn’t say “little white girls.”


Good on you, NBA! I’m glad to see that more “traditional”-seeming institutions are finally stepping up like this.


“…an out-of-touch agenda…” Really? Because that is EXACTLY how I would catagorize YOUR agenda, Tami.

Kudos to the NBA. (for this decision, anyway)


“Tradition” has nothing to do with it. It’s all about the money.



How exactly is the NBA using NC’s “young girls” by not playing a basket ball game there?


It’s complicated. You obviously just don’t get it.

(Neither do I.)


Meanwhile in South Carolina…


I know, right? it’s almost like they’re saying that equality and…well…sanity, are from a bygone era.





I hope other states considering this same foolishness (Tennessee, I’m looking at you) are paying attention.

North Carolina’s law is bad for business and also bad for people.


We know that the powers that be certainly care about the former, if not necessarily the latter.