Virginia appeals court overturns anti-trans bathroom rule, could North Carolina fall next?

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Goddess willing.


Well white men are a problem and maybe we should keep them away from the rest of the civilized world?


The comments on the ABC article linked are hilarious in a sad sort of way. Tons of presumably well-intentioned people just not understanding that any “threat” people with a female gender but male sex pose (and this is the primary group that gets complained about) is already covered by the various laws around indecent exposure and sexual assault. We don’t need bathroom laws when we already have those laws.


Which is especially galling when coming from a “less government!” crowd.


A human being should not have to be in fear when it’s poo poo & pee pee time. I did the baby talk just in case a GOP’er pops in here to BB.:grin:



Too late; the damage has already been done.

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An Ally McBeal style restroom would be perfectly fine by me. But you know, it’s the six-year-old and younger kids of all genders; the ones who peek through the partitions because their caregivers can’t be bothered to keep track of them? They see something they shouldn’t and suddenly it’s everyone else’s fault that their kid is getting a peep show. That really bugs the hell out of me.


I recall the first time I used a gender-less bathroom (without realizing it was gender-less). I was in college at a new coffee shop. Went in and sat down in stall. A few minutes later a group of women came in and were chatting in front of the mirrors. I assumed I had absentmindedly walked into the women’s room and was petrified I’d look like a perv if I was caught. I hid until the coast was clear. Re-looked at the bathroom door and figured out it was shared and for everyone. Other than my initial confusion it worked very well. People of all ages and genders came in, did there thing and left. Zero need for fuss or stupid laws.

I asked a friend the other day why life is so damn complicated. She replied because you made it that way. Seems to apply to these bathroom laws…


I think that was me, sorry.


Well, it is amazing how big some of these boys are whose parents need to be with them in the restroom.:wink:


In related excellent news:

Civil rights commission says N.C. bathroom law jeopardizes physical safety of transgender people

By Mark Berman April 19 at 3:09 PM Follow @markberman

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory ®. (Gerry Broome/Associated Press)
The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights this week criticized controversial laws that were passed recently in North Carolina and Mississippi and considered in other places, describing the measures as discriminatory and potentially dangerous.

In a statement released Monday, the commission said that the North Carolina law directing transgender people to use bathrooms that match the gender on their birth certificate “jeopardizes not only the dignity, but also the actual physical safety, of transgender people.”

The commission said it had the same concerns about a Mississippi law that allows some businesses to refuse to serve same-sex couples, because that measure also allows certain businesses decide who is allowed to use bathrooms and locker rooms based on a person’s “anatomy and genetics at time of birth.”

[Federal appeals court sides with transgender teen, says bathroom case can go forward]

“The North Carolina and Mississippi laws, and similar legislation proposed in other states, perverts the meaning of religious liberty and perpetuates homophobia, transphobia, marginalizes the transgender and gay community and has no place in our society,” Martin R. Castro, chairman of the commission, said in a statement Monday.


You found me out.


And the law looks even more ridiculous in this particular case, because I don’t think even the anti-trans crowd is really terrified about the prospect of a trans male student using the boy’s restroom. “Oh noes! He’s using the stall to pee instead of a urinal! Our sons will be scarred forever!”

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And men go into restrooms and assault people now - it’s not like rapists need an excuse to be in a restroom when they’re in there, you know, raping people. But, of course, it’s not really about that - it amounts to “those people, with their non-comformity to my notions of gender norms make me feel uncomfortable!” I’m sure plenty of cis gendered folks don’t sufficiently conform to their notions, either, so it’s not like the law would even satisfy its advocates, ultimately. Not to mention that dudes like Michael Hughes would be legally required to use women’s restrooms, which I really can’t imagine the law’s supporters would be happy about. Gosh, it’s like they haven’t even thought it through.


My campus bar didn’t allow women in until they were forced to, in the 1970’s. I won’t apologize, I wasn’t there at the time. But because space was extremely limited, they couldn’t install a second bathroom - so everybody shared.

I never heard of anybody being raped there. I never even heard of any little girls… no, wait, they still don’t admit minors.

(Sorry, no photos of the toilet available.)


That’s all right. I can use my imagination


You are horrible. I hate you. Sorry, you only get one like.


That’s a campus bar? Pretty cool since it appears to be an actual bar. It does remind me of a bar in Boston where women are allowed, but they (and only women) get kicked if they swear. For the life of me, I can’t remember where in Boston as I was pretty trashed (eta: and almost kicked out :wink:)

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It’s a block away, and the founder drank there. They say Dylan Thomas died there too.

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