North Carolina's transphobic "bathroom bill" law is already costing it hundreds of millions of dollars


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I hope they remember that next time they have a chance to speak up in Statewide elections.



One of the few times I’m glad someone made the comment I was going to before I could. :wink:


Great, can North Carolina move beyond this stupidity now? Probably not. McCrory and his supporters are pushing the city of Charlotte to accept a “compromise” that asks the city to repeal its non-discrimination policy (which was nullified by the “bathroom bill”).

In return stage legislators might hold a “special session” to consider the repeal of the “bathroom bill”.

Sounds like a classic bait-and-switch to me.


You beat me (& @IronEdithKidd too, apparently) to it.

Charyou tree; come reap.


Sure, but it’s a small price to pay to step on an Unpopular Minority. Plus us Moral Americans can point the blame for the economic damage at them, too. Phyllis Schlafly explained it best after her long and successful battle against the ERA, in her book Everybody Poops [in the Correct and Legally Mandated Bathroom Only].


When it comes to compromises on civil liberties, my reaction is best summed up with this:


What exactly is that from?


The Trump documentary, Idiocracy.


Mike Pence cost Indiana over $100M – most of it in a city that THOROUGHLY rebuked him (and the Republican mayor here led the protest against Pence)…as well as the newspaper that is owned by Dan Quayle’s family.

When Indiana realized that we couldn’t uphold the law any longer, Mike Pence – at the expense of Indiana citizens – sent state lawyers to North Carolina to help them craft laws that were stronger than ours so that they could learn from our mistakes (I mean, our mistake was hiring Pence).

This is the guy that will be in charge of the Domestic and Foreign policies in the US if Trump is elected (Trump will be responsible for 100% of everything that is not Domestic or Foreign). So remember this no matter how much you may dislike Hillary…the rest of the country will have these same laws if we allow him anywhere close to the Cheney-style presidency.


My first thought as well. Vote for stupid politicians, get stupid laws.


And call me cynical but I don’t believe Pence wasted all that taxpayer money solely because he thought it was the right thing to do. Unfortunately “Who paid Pence?” is a question I know we’ll never get answered honestly.


It’s especially stupid since Charlotte just has to wait for the DOJ/ACLU lawsuit to go through for HB2 to be declared unconstitutional and be overturned. They don’t need to compromise to have their cake and eat it too. They just have to be patient.


Pence got a lot of support from the American Family Association.

The association is pretty much a hate organization that dislikes African Americans, GLBTQ, immigrants, Muslims, and you could probably get them to talk about the virtues of the holocaust if you were in private.

That said, he did it because he did feel like it was the right thing to do. Klan members don’t need external funding to think hanging someone is the right thing to do…neither do the ‘softer’ bigots.



Um I mean.

Bless their hearts…




It doesn’t surprise me that the American Family Association took time out of their screaming about gay Nazis to offer support to Mike Pence. He is exactly the type of person they’d support.


Don’t confuse the situation. If it were gay Nazis, they wouldn’t know if they should support them or not. I mean, on one hand they are nazis. On the other hand they are gay.


Litmus test: what are their opinions on Milo Yiannopoulos?