Coup: North Carolina Republicans convene a special session to strip incoming Democratic governor of executive powers


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Those are some serious dead eyes on both gentlemen. Burrowing deeper into my soul with each passing minute, staring like the old pig before slaughter. The Terror.


Is nothing good enough for you people? You’re always going on and on about government power, abuse and overreach, and then when the Republicans do something about it, you complain about that, too!


Yeah, but in this case the government still has the power, it’s just been removed from the democratically elected Governor. In other words, they took power away from the people and gave it to their cronies.


And yet the legislators would scream bloody murder, bemoan the injustice, and threaten to sue and/or impeach the governor if the head of the executive branch of the state government were to consider issuing an executive order to take an inch worth of the power and authority of members of the legislative branch.


Pssst. 97.4% of MO’s posts are sarcastic. This is not one of the outliers.


only?!? I remember one comment that was (probably?) written not tongue-in-cheek


(Yeah, I know, but I couldn’t help it. His sarcasm often sounds so much like what a Republican might actually say.)


Hopefully the people of North Carolina will do something about this like vote these asshats out. I’m not holding much hope for that though.


Hard to do that when the asshats are also in charge of drawing the district lines. Republicans still have a supermajority in the legislature next year despite a Democrat winning the governorship’s state-wide race.


Oh, I wish I was in the land of cotton,
Old times there are not forgotten.
Look away, look away, look away Dixie Land!

— hopefully we’re just in a one step backwards phase in this country and two steps forward comes sooner rather than later.


I’d love to be wrong here, but my guess is this will get very little play in the mainstream media–maybe a short story or two on the nightly broadcasts, or a short story on Page A15 or something. And if you try to tell people who haven’t heard about this story what’s really happening, they won’t believe you—it’s too fucking absurd, too far beyond the pale for reasonable people (which, the horrific events of November 8th aside, I have to believe is a majority, even if a sadly bare majority) to believe. They’ll be sure you’re making this up, because it’s too clearly the stuff of supervillains.

Hey, it can’t happen here.


Jesus, look at these fucks. The only reason they hate the gay so much, is that is another set of people who won’t have sex with them.


I was thinking how much they both looked like stale dough mixed with mayo and poured into the same Chinese-made suit from the Humpty Dumpty section at Men’s Warehouse.


i think i agree.

republicans are willing to gerrymander districts, purge voters from rolls, remove early voting and polling places, block the transition of undocumented residents to legal citizenship, grill their political opponents in pointless session after session – any and every attempt to rig power in their favor.

i’d probably be clapping right now if democrats in congress were bringing bills to the floor to strip executive power, or devolve some authority to the states.

instead, they’ll stay mostly quiet, rubber stamp every presidential appointee, look the other way regarding ethics violations, and just generally attempt to behave as if everything was normal with the world. :\


Look up the 2012 North Carolina republican gerrymander. They’d have to do something apocalyptic like dining on pulled pork with red sauce while setting fire to the stars n’bars before a sufficiency of voters are gonna budge!


T-GOP fuckery at its best.


As I mentioned, I don’t have much hope.


Exactly. The Democrat party is a party of extremists!


MO is Poe’s law personified.