Coup: North Carolina Republicans convene a special session to strip incoming Democratic governor of executive powers


What?!? This is insane! This is outrageous! This is – oh, this is North Carolina. Now it makes sense.


Why is it that I get the feeling that Republicans watch Star Wars and root for the Empire…


Yeah, it’s more like, “So what terrible things are the North Carolina Republicans doing today to screw over and disenfranchise the citizens of their state?”


Does North Carolina differ much from South Carolina?


Yes. It does. I’ve been to both… NC is much more interesting and has more progressive tendencies, which is part of the reason why the GOP is attempting a coup.


NC actually punches above its weight in some aspects. It’s not like the Triangle (that’s Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill) is Silicon Valley or anything, but there’s quite a few tech companies, probably some you’ve heard of (RedHat, Epic Games, etc.) The schools there often rank as some of the best in the country (NC State University and University of North Carolina Chapel Hill in the public area, Duke University in private.) Plus there’s the little matter of Charlotte being one of the financial capitals of the country by virtue of being the home of Bank of America, in addition to it being the 2nd or 3rd largest city in the southeast depending on whether or not you consider Miami part of the southeast.

Plus our mountains look pretty nice, for what that’s worth; we’ve got the tallest one in the US east of South Dakota’s badlands.


Also, Asheville is nice.


I’ve heard! I want to head out there some time, not too far from where I live; just haven’t gotten around to it.


You should. It’s a nice mountain town. Lots of good beer. Some great book stores. The Biltmore Estates is interesting. Also, you can tour the moog factory there. THE MOOG FACTORY!!! One of the better small towns in NC, for sure.


Seems to me that the short-term response in the state of NC is for progressives to join the republican party. I’m not saying vote for republicans over democrats. I am saying that because republicans have the overwhelming majority the only chance that progressives have of making any difference at all is to affect who wins the primaries because they barely won the governership and they utterly lost nearly all of the legislative branch.

So instead of going head-to-head in a fight they are guaranteed to lose, they should go at it side-ways and make common-cause with the republicans who are not totally crazy. Its icky as fuck. But better to get 25% of your goals than to get 0%. They just need to remember that the strategy is to co-opt the republican party, and not for the republican party to co-opt them.


This is why “let’s try to make progress at the midterms and repair the gerrymander incrementally” ain’t gonna work.

You can’t undo the gerrymander when black people aren’t allowed to vote, or when the GOP legislatures appoint a dozen GOP loyalists to the redistricting board.

If you think that traditional norms, basic decency or public disapproval will stop them, you’re asleep.


Is it possible to get anywhere in the GOP without being batshit crazy?


I know it’s obvious, but I just need to know you’re being sarcastic.


Same shit, different Carolina.

And it’s a safe bet that any bill from a red state titled “Bi-Partisan Ethics, Elections, and Court Reform” is partisan, unethical, and deformed.

Here’s a reddit comment from a local NC legislator, giving his take on it.


I was about to say the same thing


Gaze not into the Modus, for the Modus will gaze into you.


(The NC legislators are pictured at top.)


republicans are so predictable…put them in any situation and they will make a bee-line to the most vile possible outcome banging bibles and waving flags on the way


Republicans have made it clear that the biggest problem they see facing America is democracy.


And the folks who live there have a wonderful sense of humor.