North Carolina's transphobic "bathroom bill" law is already costing it hundreds of millions of dollars

I never suspected that western culture would end* homophobia before racism and sexism, yet here we are…

* not really


Twitter banned him. RNC still loves him. You do the math!


Well the Pentagon should be OK then, having such a disproportionate amount of toilets/wash rooms per head of employees.

Wonder why that is?

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Unfortunately, it’s a matter of NC being made up of largely left-leaning urban areas that are separated by wide swaths of largely right-leaning rural areas.

I suspect that the vast majority of us who were against HB2 from the beginning didn’t vote for McCrory in the first place. It’s possible, however, that too many of us didn’t bother to show up to vote at all.

The good news (if there can be said to be such regarding this issue) is that the furor over HB2 and its fallout has done much to stir up voters, hopefully including many who might have sat out this coming election. There is no lack of noise being made over this in our state. I just hope we can mobilize in numbers big enough to oust McCrory and his McCronies and turn things around.


Now that the Voter ID laws are being called as the bullshit they are, you do stand a good chance. Just get the people out to vote!


NC was very, very effectively screwed in the 2010 elections, which were heavily underwritten by various Koch-money-fueled enterprises.

Remember how we all gave a sigh of relief and went home after Mr. Obama got re-elected? That’s when the Kochs hit the gas pedal. So as a result, the republicans were completely in charge here for redistricting the congressional maps. There are articles about this very successful strategy and how it affected several states (example). Many will tell you that the democrats did it as well, but it has never been done as thoroughly and effectively as we have it today. Every heavily populated center in the state is counterbalanced by meticulously carved swaths of rural majorities. Yep, screwed.


Why can’t the Kochs just go the fuck away? I’m tried of them trying to destroy the country just so they can get a few more bucks. Considering their daddy helped the Nazi’s, it shouldn’t be a surprise they don’t give a shit about anything else other than money.


Well, there are 5 Koch grand-spawn, and Charles and David are both getting ready to leave for the Galt Gulch in the sky (no, not the one from video game), and given the sorts of antics that the two Koch brothers pulled against each other, the next generation of internecine Koch-porate warfare will no doubt be epic.


5 spawn enter, none leave (hoping)


Do you think we could create 5 Patty Hearsts?


It’s not just the Kochs - the GOP in general did a really effective job of gerrymandering after both the 2000 and 2010 censuses, and they also did a really effective job of taking over vulnerable state legislatures before those censuses so they’d have the legislative clout to do it. (There’s a well-discussed example of them throwing a lot of last-minute ad money at small districts in Pennsylvania that let them get a slim majority, and then exploiting the **** out of it.) They’ve also used that to push their Voter ID laws and other laws to make it hard for the poor to vote (e.g. early voting - and most states didn’t get caught using race as a marker for Democrat registration like NC did) and disenfranchising people with incorrect lists of “felons”, while adjusting the registration schedules so people who got to the polls and found they were no longer registered wouldn’t be able to fix it.


I think LearnedCoward may be referring to Scott Lively’s claims that the Nazis were gay, which helped inspire the Ugandan “kill the gays” bill.


Indeed I was, although I thought it was Bryan Fischer who said those things. Maybe they both did.


Douglas Lively is an American activist, author, attorney, and a former independent candidate for Governor of Massachusetts in the 2014 election.

Born: December 14, 1957 (age 58), Shelburne Falls, MA
Education: Trinity Law School
Party: Independent politician
Known for: Homophobia

Well ok…I learned something new!



Now to find a way to make the lawmakers and the GOP pay the terrible cost of their hateful policy.


We have people elected in free and fair elections passing a law.
Then big business decides to bully htem because it can.
The big biz are quite happy to do business in Poland, Saudi Arabia and many othre ountries that persecute LBTQ.

But thre big biz feel they can bully this state.

I have copmlete contempt for people who pass laws like this, but would Doctorow et al be happy if it were big oil or big pharma company bullying for a cause they did not support.

Thought not.
Also we need to stop blaming politicians here. It feels good but stands up to no scrutiny.
As I say at the beginning, this state has free and fair elections. Actions like these are not carried out in secret, there has been no cover up. The fact Doctorow is not prepared to accept is that laws like this are really popular amongst voters.
Maybe they shouldn’t be popular, coming from a country like the UK which is ruled by a Conservative party that regularly has female leaders, gay ministers and of course has no problem at all with a female head of state I have contempt for the people of north Carolina, but don’t blame politicians for doing what people want.

Most people in North Carolina don’t support this legislation.

What the people want is to stay the hell away from North Carolina, and to not do business with any company that has operations there. The big businesses, feeling the hit to their pocketbooks, then push the politicians.

It’s a little different dynamic than where big business pushes an agenda that nobody likes, and would negatively affect the people in the state where they were pushing the agenda. Personally, I’m not a big fan of how easily business can control government, but in this case they are doing something that the people want and which is good for the people of North Carolina.


From all the prior press on this NC bill, there wasn’t exactly a ton of support for it among average NC voters prior to passage. NC legislators responded to their wealthy patrons by passing this legislation, not the voters. The blame lies squarely at the feet of NC politicians.

Lastly, Cory’s not from the UK. His wife is. He’s from Canada.


Most politicians are perfectly willing to ignore the will of voters in favor of “big biz” the majority of the time. It should be easy for them to ignore the will of people who want to pass legislation based on bigotry, right?


Well, sure, it’s not like we have a Constitution containing nice things such as “equal protection under the law,” or anything.