North Carolina set to pass "compromise" bathroom bill that still leaves trans people without a pot to piss in


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We’re thrown under the bus.


I’m used to it, but it doesn’t stop me being angry when it happens. I guess North Carolina is still in my “don’t visit” list.


It hardly needs to be said that the people who backed these ridiculous bathroom bills would completely freak out if a bunch of burly, bearded trans men attempted to comply with the law by relieving themselves in the ladies’ rooms.


Roger That!


Imagine going through life constantly worried that people intend to check out your junk in public restrooms.

Now imagine the projection that created that concern.


Coming soon to North Carolina!! A law that prohibits a man from having dinner with a woman that isn’t his wife!!!


It works in Indiana, I guess.


I guess they really are the Shit Heel State.


I do not see the compromise. Is this like when Trump said, “New Arab ban: same as the old one, but now it’s legal!”


Another example of the right including prohibitions on passing laws in a new law that hurts the people. Maybe this isn’t new but I’ve not noticed this happening in the past.
For over 3700 years, since the code of Hammurabi, it has been axiomatic that the purpose of the law is to ensure that the strong should not harm the weak. We have come a long way baby.


That is exactly what should happen in protest.


The downside to that is that it inadvertently reinforces prejudice against all trans people, reinforces the binary that hurts non-binary / transitioning people (particularly trans-men who do not “pass” enough to feel safe in mens restrooms), and implicitly concedes to the idea that trans people are more likely to be aggressors when we’re more likely to be the victims. It feels good and really highlights a lack of thought on our legislators part but it’s not a good long-term tactic. This article says it better than I can today.


Everyone knows that the founding fathers envisioned a small government with low taxes and unlimited gun rights that would also tell you where you’re allowed to poop.


It also hardly needs to be said that most if not all the backers have likely shared a bathroom with a transgender person and were completely unaware of it. But that possibility never occurs to them…needless to say.


Just like all the homophobes who wanted to keep gays out of the military on the grounds that they’d be showering next to straight men, apparently never considering that almost all Americans who have used a communal shower at a gym have probably been naked in the presence of a gay person at some point. Even conservative Republican legislators somehow managed to share the House of Representatives’ gym facilities with Congressman Barney Frank without incident.


Me too. I told my boss they can send other auditors there. I refuse. I am read as male, and nobody would question me, but I am not going to go back into the closet for those assholes.


This is how I got some of the conservative idiots at work to rethink things. They literally came to talk to me, a transgender man with a beard, about how they supported bathroom bills. I told them that it’s cool. If they want to protect their teen daughters, and I’m sure those girls would understand when I was in the same bathroom with them. I’m a disreputable, tattooed, masculine looking transgender guy. Suddenly, they had all sorts of thoughts about how that might not work, and maybe we shouldn’t do that after all.


Ignore law = trans people are creeps trying to hide something.
Comply with law = trans people are making others uncomfortable just to make a political statement.

Classic Kobayashi Maru situation. Either way they get branded as perverted sex criminals.

As many have observed it’s not about bathrooms. It’s about denying certain people the right to exist.


It’s crazy enough to me that people who don’t personally know (or are unaware they know) trans people wouldn’t have considered that particular angle, but that they would discuss it with you without considering the implications first is mind-boggling.


Roger that :cry: