N.C. lawmaker wants law to keep people from yelling at transphobic former governor

I’ve never had any issues…granted it’s not my house, but still no issues.


No safe space for assholes.


Yeah, I don’t see why state officials aren’t protected by the laws that already protect the rest of us. If a protest turns violent, the protesters go to jail. Works for me. As long as they aren’t trespassing or violent, their behavior is constitutionally protected.

I lived there half of last year. There is fantastic fishing, hiking and camping opportunities. (And not much else to do other than that…)


In a post on his website, Bishop said the video showed “rioters” chasing McCrory down a blind alley and threatening his safety.

I watched the video (above). It didn’t look like a “riot” or a “mob” to me.


See there’s your problem. There is a “special” Constitution just for the TGOP. It consists of a modified 2nd Amendment (“Thou shall be allowed to pack any weapon to offset a small penis”), a 1st Amendment that says 'Freedom of speech only applies to white folks who have money and no one else", and a last Amendment that says JEBUS!!! is the only one in Heaven.


NASCAR, tobacco stained fingers and swamps is how I picture NC. If there were ever to be a “Deliverance 2 Return of Inbred Banjo Player” it would be there.

Disclaimer: The Great Dismal Swamp is a great place to go and see. Ancient cyprus trees and black mirrored waters takes you back to some other time. Great kayaking opportunity. Just don’t go in August HAF. If you see some hillbillies with bows and or rifles perhaps turn and go the other way.



I will have you know I bought a nice banjo down there! Really fun to play.

Especially in the swamp.


You know, if I were so long of tongue and limber of spine as my dog was (rip), I’d be more than happy to be oblivious. Granted, I’d be far too busy to notice that I was oblivious, but that goes without saying.


Full Text of the TGOP Bill Of Rights:

  1. You have freedom of religion to worship Jesus in any way you see fit.
  2. Unlimited rights to bear arms.
  3. No Homo.
  4. For the sake of our security, you can be spied on, anywhere, anywhen.
  5. Anything you say will be taken out of context and used to condemn you. If you didn't say it, we'll make it up anyway, with scary language like "death panels"
  6. Your access to a trials are dependent on variables, with the baseline for "fair and speedy" being granted to White Christians. Other colors and other religions should expect high wait periods and/or unfair processes.
  7. You only get a trial by jury if a corporation says that it's okay.
  8. Cruel and unusual punishment is only prohibited for White Christians, especially wealthy ones. Members of other groups need to be punished in order to make an example of the costs of stepping out of line.
  9. If it wasn't written in the Constitution, the states get to decide, never the federal government.
  10. The federal government can never be granted more powers. Ever.

And if they squeal like a pig, bonus!


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