2 dead and 8 injured in crowd crush at New York concert

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Rochester has had some hard times since my family left in 1968.

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Indeed. Why, I guess if your family hadn’t left, that concert crush never would’ve happened!


Yeah… speaking of ancient history (but related), I saw Jane’s Addition at this place in 1991… Roland’s Band opened for them (best part of the show looking back). So all of the teeny bopper girls who got up to the front to see Perry Farrell ended up in what was about to become a mosh pit and they were crushed up against the stage… security was plucking them out from the metal barrier below the stage and having them walk to the back of the stage for safety. My friend who was on crutches from a broken ankle was kind of in trouble more than 50 feet from the stage, so we hustled him upstairs. As mosh pits go, not a friendly one, kinda violent. Security sucked.


Guns, again? :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:


Ugh, awful.

A few tips just in case you find yourself in this situation:


Lol… I made that “Roland’s Band” not Rollins Band like Henry Rollins. Now I’m imaging a hard core medieval punk/metal show about 11th century France…

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