Flying concrete chunk startles crowd watching demolition


It looks like it bounces off the ground around 0:23, too, and it looks pretty small.

I’d duck. That crowd is way too calm.

The end of a legendary clothing factory. It used to be the local clothing producer for decades. Then the Revolution came, after it the economic reforms, and stuff stopped being made and instead was outsourced to China. Thousands of jobs gone.
More here, in Czech, use machine translation.

The rock was quite small. And there was surprisingly low amount of surprisingly mild obscenities uttered, so it must really have been a glancing blow.

Edit: Another video here:

More to find by “Odstřel OP Prostějov” query.

Small or not, if it’s going fast enough, that’s bad news.
Larger, and it’s still bad news even if it’s not going fast. I recall seeing a video of some demolition where a larger than cannonball sized chunk of rock or concrete bounced through the crowd, killing or maiming several.


Love the slo-mo version - everyone reacts too late. They move further away after it’s already passed them by.

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Mandatory LOTR link:


Yeah, it’s funny how movies and TV shows portray human reaction times to explosions, gunfire, car accidents, etc. In reality, humans are slow. By the time we figure out what’s happening, it’s usually too late to do anything except try to not bleed out.


Yea, it was obviously in the guy’s parachute.


The ‘ow’ wasn’t the one who got hit, it was the sympathetic ‘ow’ from the one watching the one who got hit. That one just fell down and bled some.

Hey - has anyone else noticed that if you click to play a small video on Boing Boing’s feed, it’s impossible to make it stop playing? The video window doesn’t respond to the mouse over, so it doesn’t show any controls to change volume, pause, etc…

um, small? well, palm-sized. traveling at 40-60mph.

big enough.

Never before has a youtube video made me flinch. Yes, I tried to dodge the rock that was surely going to fly through my screen and hit me.

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I want to see the guy in red’s reaction when he sees the video and how close the hunk of concrete came to hitting him.

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