20,000 Leagues Under the Sea maintenance checklist


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Those fighting crabs aren’t going to ISO 9001 certify themselves, after all.


No giant squid? I am disappointed with Disney.


I’m glad I got to see this and the other one at Disneyland as a kid.
There are cool wiki pages for both -


Perhaps that was on page two?


Disappointed. I clicked on the article expecting the check list for the real captain Nemo’s submarine


Or at least a prop version of same, for a steampunk RPG or similar.


Ground Control: Ready for last minute cockpit check?
Pilot: OK.
Ground Control: Largacti1…five milligrammes.
Pilot: Check.
Ground Control: Valium…ten milligrammes.
Pilot: Check.
Ground Control: Haloperidol…five milligrammes.
Pilot: Which?
Ground Control: The little white ones. W-W-W for white.
Pilot: OK. Check.
Ground Control: Pheno Barbitone. Five milligrammes.
Pilot: Check
Ground Control: Disipel…five milligrammes.
Pilot: Check
Ground Control: Glass of water.
Pilot: Check


I loved this ride as a kid. Very cool to see this checklist. I hope Single Lobster found someone to spend retirement with.

Also, Rotating Eels is the name of my new band.


These days, having a ride based on that radicalized international terrorist Prince Dakkar would be problematic.


There’s still a pretty cool (static) attraction in Disney Paris based on this:



Sure, techies can lean a bit towards weird, but “scurrying morlocks”?!?


Very cool. With a “tentacular surprise” even.


Gee, I wasn’t aware it was completely dismantled. I had the impression it had been turned into a Finding Nemo affair. (No, really.)


Fun to see this crop up again! Lot’s of info on the 20k ride on my dusty old site here: 20kride.com

And a nice condensed history in this lecture I gave here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9mGkhYR0Ms

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