$20 for a 349-piece kit of tools for Dremels (and Dremel clones)

Worth mentioning, when using cheap bits of any type please test at high speeds not under load first and always wear eye protection, they tend to come apart more easily.

if people just want cheap sets to expand their “rotary tool” i find these style sets much more functional… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



I get a “The promotional code you entered has expired”. Same day code death, sad.

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Yeah, dead code…but I bought it anyway because I’ve really been looking for a dremel bits case.

This is especially true for disc type tools and ‘stone’ type. The all metal or metal/diamond ones are generally better at higher speeds, but yes, test like @redesigned said.

I’ve had stones fail on me and the caution to use not just eye, but face protection is a good one. Always be aware of the direction of rotation and where the work piece is. That will tell you where the chips will fly. If the tool breaks, part of it will go in the direction of contact with the work piece, but the rest of it will go either the opposite way or some random assortment of direction–generally along the plane on which the tool is rotating. So, it’s helpful to keep yourself off that plane! It may make it harder to see the work getting done, but it’ll be much harder to see the work getting done if you have a large chunk of the tool in your eye.

I’d like to see kits like this ship with a face protector or at least eye protection as part of the kit–maybe with a drawer of their own for safe storage and so that you always have them handy when you have the tools.

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And to think I’ve been doing it by hand all this time!

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This kit seems perfect for making feet nails!


Even though I got to it too late, I’m always thankful when you post this stuff. I’m only using my kit a few times a year, but when I do it’s to solve the most bizarre problems and often saves something from going to landfill or ewaste. The one thing I’d really like to find is a replacement to the flimsy aluminum retaining cap. That is, the serrated piece shown here:

Mine (from Northern Tool) is more dome-shaped and is fraying. Thoughts? Or thoughts and prayers?

Yup! It sure is preferable to be working on something that you have a complete copy of to test it on first.

I have a Spanish Mission style home and have what I think is a pretty cool, do-able project in mind for the rotary tool: take a spare arched roof tile, drill out my street address and hang that out front with a solar light hidden inside. The solar cell and light source hopefully wouldn’t be visible, just a glow on the wall behind it.

Then start selling 'em to the neighbors. :slight_smile:


I use my Dremel pretty often. I just used it to cut out a section of weld in a tight area on a seat brace.

I’ve learned that the cheap sets with dozens of bits are about worthless. High-quality reinforced cutting wheels, diamond wheels, and sandpaper flap wheels are my preference.

I have something I picked up at (I think) Harbor Freight. It’s a replacement for that part and it makes it an adjustable chuck like a drill would have. It still uses the wrench to tighten, but it’s way easier to use and fits several sizes of tools instead of just the one (without swapping out the collet). I know I didn’t buy the official one, but it looks just the same and functions the same way.

Unless your rotary tool is a Dremel branded one, double check that it’s the right size to fit.


This is a 349 piece kit of tools like my roll of toilet paper is a 349 piece kit of tools. Either you can count consumables as tools or you can know how many tools are in the box. Not both.

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