2016 is the year of the telepathic election, and it's not pretty

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Back when Dean was running for president and using the new tools, there was an article in Wired that used the odious term “Deanspace”. The piece, as I recall, presented a positive view on this kind of thing.


“2016 is the year of the telepathic election, and it’s not pretty”

I saw “erection” instead of "election, the only reason I clicked on this…


Is there a polite word that means corporate consultant circle-jerk? … Simulacra? A branding exercise?

What’s an election called which in some — esp. “social” media — ways is not really happening?


“Late stage capitalism”


Actually even at a meta level this boing boing article illustrates cstross’ argument: His piece though awesome looks kinda like a boring wall of text and is totally non viral. But Cory snipped out some of the most viral bits and mixed in a buzzfeedish title and an emotional photo to make something that has a higher chance of propagating inside the pool of facebook brains.

And of course the buzzfeed template that the bb folks (and even my share) applied is exactly what the net has evolved their behavior to be - even if they didn’t explicitly think of this act in those terms.

So cool!

PS: I think that cstross missed a chance to reference facebook memepicts as viral vectors in this organism. (and of course when Dawkins coined the term meme back in the 70s this was exactly what he was referring to)


Yup, me too. I had to read through the first paragraph before I realized my mistake.


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