Apparently, Facebook is a safe haven for people who call for the beheading of public officials

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Absolutely right. Had he been Muslim, and / or a different colour to white then he’d have been out like a shot. Here though freeze peach required that ArseBook stood up for angry, violent, deceitful, far right, misogynist, racist, white men.


Apparently, Zuckerberg is desperate not to lose more fascist users to Parler.


Wonder what would happen if floods of people with even minor gripes called for beheadings. I say do volume and see how they handle it. Does it become an accepted form of expression? What if someone follows through? Does their attitude change? Test test test.


Jamie Zawinski once had a line about encouraging people who work at Facebook to quit, which he changed to say that if you work at Facebook, you are a white supremacist and everyone else should cut you out of their life. I used to think that this was, perhaps, a tiny bit hyperbolic. Used to.


Might join FB and call for Zucks beheading just to see how fast that gets shut down. I’m not but I get the feeling they’ll have a different attitude.


It’s like GM taking air bags out of their cars because they’re scared of losing marketshare to the guy who stands at the offramp on the freeway offering free piggyback rides.


Apparently Parler has already been forced to repeatedly deny rumors that the platform is secretly owned by George Soros, because that’s what happens when you build a platform for people who don’t think Facebook and Twitter are tolerant enough of their batshit conspiracy theories and wanton bigotry.


Parler’s a secret Soros front, eh? Wouldn’t it be a shame if someone were to seed this thought in the various subreddits and *chans that these “alternative patriots” like to frequent?

“Oh sure, go move to (((Parler)))…”


I got a 7 day FB ban for asking “when do we start building a gallows sturdy enough to hang these traitors…” (in reference to Banon, Pompeo, Barr etc). I’m not even mad about it… like I made the post in frustration but sure I guess that’s fair. I mean sure I was just “asking questions” but yeah. In light of this article though? seems rather hypocritical.


“While the offenses here, I think, came close to crossing that line, they clearly did not cross the line because we make a shitload of money off that guy.”


Meh, I think I’ll go the other way. I barely use Facebook now and will just finish the job of excising it from my life. Literally the only thing that happens on Facebook that I like is the ‘remember this picture from x years ago’ stuff. Aside from that it’s all exasperated dealing with people who refuse facts they don’t like.

Zuckerberg is a household name and has immense power because we, individually and as a group, have voluntarily given him that power and scope. I am done. One at a time we all decided to join and give him power. I’m going to go the other way.


That is most likely a lie.

The rules:

  • a facebook post that suggest the beheading government officials: 7 violations required for ban
  • a facebook post that suggests hanging alt-right traitors: 1 violation required for ban

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Frak Banon, but he was no more serious than all the calls for guillotining billionaires. Metaphor is a thing.

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It’s not just Zuck though, it’s his entire board of directors. They think he’s doing a bang up job so his seat is safe.

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Will no one rid me of this troublesome CEO?


He has voting control, so even if some of the other board members want to get rid of him it’s not going to happen. I doubt they have enough money to bribe him to go away like the board of WeWork did with its vote-controlling scumbag founder.


Back when I had the FBs (of which I am thankfully cured now), I tested this by posting that Zuck deep fake. It never even appeared on my timeline.


Well, calling for Zuckface’s beheading might be a good test.

ETA I see @LordInsidious beat me to it


It’s not a metaphor, it’s a call to action against a specific person. It’s possible that some QAnon fanatic will actually try to do it. It’s called stochastic terrorism.