2016 presidential candidates: black metal edition


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Doesn’t appear to be any santorum. I would have thought that would have been a natural for a black metal rendition…


None of these are satanic enough by half.


The ambigrams for Paul and Rubio are great. This guy is a badass.


More like NSBM for some of these candidates…

Sorry, couldn’t resist.


Well, this is the first time I’ve felt any inclination at all to vote for Rick Perry.


The number below will get you Bernie Sanders campaign office:



Szpajdel is a legend. He has hand-drawn thousands and thousands of logos, for some of the most influential bands in the genre (Emperor! Arcturus! Enthroned! early Dimmu Borgir!), often wildly creative with all kinds of intricate symmetries and visual or typographical trickery going on.

At the height of the scene, back in the late nineties, the majority of the bands used his work. I’ve played in three different bands that had a logo designed by him.


Those weren’t trve kvlt…I could actually read some of the names.


Am disappoint at lack of Santorum, which is the only time I will says that’s with the straight face.


I can only assume that the low density of the frothy mixture caused it to be skimmed off(with the rest of the dross, appropriately enough), when the BLÄCK MËTAL was still molten, during the process of immolating the impure in the crucibles of hell. (It’s not as efficient as Bessemer process; but there are no mills darker or more satanic.)


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