Presidential candidate Ben Carson rattles copyright scalpel at own supporters

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Threatening your own supporters? What can go wrong?!

Seriously, sometimes I think some people (rich people and corporations) employ some sort of robot lawyers, alien paralegals or aggressive triffids with only the barest shred of sentience.


Given that running for president as a Republican appears to have become some weird political analog, for terrible people, to what going on tour is for bands; it really isn’t so irrational to be protective of the merch profits.

If you actually have a shot at winning, it’d be horribly shortsighted; but if you don’t, you want to make the campaign trail pay.

(On an other note: @beschizza; can we change it to ‘rattles copyright scalpel’?)


“unauthorized” shirts and other tat that tours “Ben Carson For President”.


Came to say much of the same, had fungus not ninja’d me (at four in the morning?) I can only add that it makes a big difference if one has a ghost of a chance of actually becoming president. For some reason the Republican base is lining up behind Carson; if Trump self-destructs, he becomes front-runner. But can you imagine how badly the Clinton machine would steamroll him? So yea, the merch is the important part.

This should make it clear to everyone that Ben Carson isn’t actually running for president. He’s running for PAC money. I’d wager he has no plans to actually win - just to get that sweet sweet cash.


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