Ben Carson admits fabricating West Point scholarship


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Do his supporters even give two shits? Seriously, I’m really asking. Ben Carson and Donald Trump supporters are not capable of adapting to new information. They are all about pattern recognition. “Does he hate gays? I like 'im!” “Does he act the way I would act as president? Great!”


I’ve been thinking that Ben is not “packing a full seabag” these days. It now seems he never has.

The GOP has outdone itself with the 2016 model of its Kandidate Klown Kar…


ha! and how about those Democrats! A democratic socialist?!? c’mon! I mean, that’s gotta be crazy because, you know, “socialist”… which is bad… because… well… because I’ve heard it is!


At least Bernie has the sense to want gun rights because if he’s ever elected he’s going to need a Praetorian Guard to protect him from the nutters. If the likes of the Tea Party were actually able to parse what he says, they might realise that his politics would benefit them more than those of the Republicans.
But for a lot of them the function of the President seems to be a person who can say the sort of stupid stuff they say when drunk, and get away with it.


I agree with every comment in this thread so far.


Because the Russians were socialists. Or communists. Same thing.


Nope to the nope. Take one part xtian persecution complex, add two parts “librul left wing media conspiracy”, a heapin helpin of narcissism, a splash of batshit crazy, a dab of “[thing I don’t like] is slavery!” and you’ve got yourself one hell of GOP candidate.


Who’d win the popular vote for President in about half the states, no matter how crazy.


Oh, 'Merica.


The whole story stunk from the beginning. Everyone that attends West Point, Annapolis, the Air Force Academy and the Coast Guard Academy attends for free. It is paid for by the federal government with the obligation of a 5 year term in the armed forces. It is not technically a scholarship in that there is no tuition at those institutions.


Everything Ben Carson says is a lie.

And that suits his supporters just fine.
Maybe we should be more supportive? I mean, after all, he’s just reshaping reality to fit his vision. That’s being a leader, right?


I agree with Hungry Joe Johnson.


Still, the nutters so deify the military, that one of the other RWNJ candidates could pry this crack open with a little effort, and down would go Carson.


“Ben Carson was offered a full scholarship to West Point.”
Look it up!


There’s more to the story. West Point says he never even applied.


If you misbehave, you may be sent down, with a very large bill. This is known as recoupment. If you graduate, you are obligated to serve for at least five years.


“The real tragedy is that since Carson did not go to West Point, we’ll never know how much grain is being stored in Egbert Ludovicus Viele’s pyramid mausoleum there!”

This^ is gold!


DreamboatSkanky Johnson is right about agreeing with Hungry Joe Johnson.


But but, Elizabeth Warren claimed she’s an Indian!