2016 sucked so much, it made "Anger Rooms" where you pay to smash things go viral


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PC Load Letter. AAArrrggghhh!


‘Sledge Hammer Therapy’; this is not new.

  1. I guess I don’t see why everyone hates 2016 other than the election. It seems just as bad as any other year… at least on my end.

  2. If you need to pay someone to let off some steam, you’re doing it wrong. Unless things things are really cheap, but I doubt they are. Finding junk to bust up is pretty easy. Glass? Just raid your local glass recycle bin, smash it at home, sweep it up, and return it. I have literally a bathtub of electronics crap i need to send to a recycle center (rather my ex does). Goodwill has a ton of unwanted crap. Hell my apt complex constantly has shit in the bins one could salvage and bust up. Of course it costs little to nothing to print out some targets and shoot them at a range as well.


I’ve been seriously thinking about remodeling my place to add an Angry Dome.


2016 was more sad than anger-inspiring.


I learned the hard way that smashing things as a therapy is simply training one’s mind/body to adapt to being angry, which means you just become irate and angry all the time, and people are all “please, would you just go away!?!”

Good news is you can train yourself NOT to be angry and stressed out all the time, as well.


Huh, My first gut reaction was Orwell’s 15 minutes of hate.

Man, 2016 is a real dumpster fire.



I would just like to take this opportunity to say that 2016 was rather hard on me personally. It was bad for me from an employment and financial standpoint. But I never once considered voting for Trump!


It can be worse than that.

If you deal with your anger by releasing it violently, you might be training your body to believe that violence is the proper way to release anger.

I agree with the quoted doctor that mindfulness meditation is a much better way of dealing with anger. Instead of training yourself that the proper sequence of events is Anger->HULK SMASH, you train yourself that it’s Anger->Stop->Get yourself under control->Act rationally.


I wonder what their liability insurance looks like. This business model seems to be courting personal injury lawsuits (frivolous or otherwise).


Is that Warhol’s 15 minutes of fame, Orwell’s 2 minute hate, or some combination of the two?


Almost everyone I know had some shitty stuff happen to them - divorces, car wrecks, break ups, cheating, no luck on the job market, mental health issues, family illnesses. As for myself, I had 3 deaths in the family.

Not everyone had a shit year, but lots of people did. Maybe it’s just confirmation bias on my part, but I saw an awful lot of my friends struggling this year.


Combination, I totally didn’t mix them up by accident.


It probably looks a lot like the waiver they make everyone sign before proving them with PPE.


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