People pay $20 to enter Rage Room and destroy things with a bat

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Had this idea a while back. Back when I felt like breaking stuff almost constantly :smile:
Figured the liability would be extreme in the U.S…


Paging Dr.@frauenfelder, this is a page for Dr. @frauenfelder, you are needed in the pedant room immediately, please bring your “Misspelling” hat and mouthguard, thank you.


“…People page $20…”

People pay.

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I think his potato’s voice-to-text functionality is whirled class.


I remember seeing this on TV years ago about places that open up and people threw bricks at old TVs and such.

As any kid who built up a block or lego tower can tell you, knock stuff down is fun.

Shooting fruit is fun and since 100% biodegradable, you don’t have to worry about clean up.

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People do it all.


2 minutes to smash, 28 minutes to philosophically contemplate said smashing?


I don’t know how common they are but I have seen at local health units programmes where children can come and can wail on musical instruments (usually drums, cymbals, tambourines and recorders). These are specifically for kids with anger issues and they are not allowed to break the instruments but are encouraged to play out their rage.

A different take, a friend with a music store used to throw a party where you could destroy an album you hated for a buck.


Yeah, I’ve seen these featured on TV, dating back to the '90s… In Japan they have rooms with generic “boss” mannequins that you can beat with various blunt objects as well as inanimate objects to smash.

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I would “page” that if I could get a Republican / Ex-Boss / Hellen Reddy LP’s in there with me…


I think this is in Fahrenheit 451, too.

No more than laser tagging, I would think. People run into walls and each other and whatnot.

You got to factor in smack talk and projection.


What do you have against Helen Reddy?

Also currently from BoingBoing:

“Combining useful physics lessons, building cool machines, and LEGO is always win in my household.”

“Moderns Scramblers in an adventure rally?”

I see this kind of laziness all over the internet these days. Of course I’ll probably be ribbed for being a pedant. It’s not the errors, it’s the underlying laziness and carelessness they betray that grates.


I always thought it would be fun to have giant pre-broken foam cities that you could dress up as superheroes and villains with your friends and throw chunks of buildings at each other. that or kaiju playland…


They are just giving spelling and grammar Nazis a reason to live.

I bet that is a thing in Japan.

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I remember places like this in Japan were mentioned before several years ago.