"Anger Release Machine": a coin-op for shattering fine breakables

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If my item gets stuck in the vending machine on its way down, I will vent my anger on the machine itself.


Yea I just want to take an axe handle to that thing.


Yeaaaa, I’d probably be willing to spend $3-4 to smash some “fine breakables”. But where? Right there on the sidewalk? Who’s gotta clean that up? I mean, the folks selling “Canadian Food” (?) next door might get pissed having to clean up someone else’s anger-cum, so THEY’LL buy something to smash in the parking lot, where someone’s car will get a flat tire and THEY’LL be pissed enough to smash something…

I guess what I’m saying is that this art installation could lead to the end of the world as we know it.


Letting the machine smash the pieces for you does not seem very satisfying.


Underwhelming video:


I think you missed the joke, which is that they’re supposed to break inside the machine.

Well that’s no fun at all. If you can’t put your arm into “shattering fine breakables”, then what’s a ‘fine breakable’ world for?


Mr. Croup examined the figurine minutely, turning it over and over in his hands, a Dickensian curator of the Museum of the Damned contemplating a prize exhibit. His tongue flicked out, from time to time, like a snake’s. A perceptible flush appeared on his pallid cheeks. “Oh, fine, fine’,” he whispered. "T’ang dynasty indeed. Twelve hundred years old, the finest pottery figurines ever made on this earth. This was created by Kai Lung, finest of potters: there is not a twin to it in existence. Examine the color of the glaze; the sense of proportion; the life . . . " He was smiling now, like a baby; the innocent smile looked lost and confused on the shady terrain of Mr. Croup’s face. “It adds a little wonder and beauty to the world.”

And then he grinned, too widely, and lowered his face to the figurine, and crushed its head in his teeth, chomping and chewing wildly, swallowing in lumps. His teeth ground the china to a fine powder, which dusted the lower part of his face.

He gloried in its destruction, throwing himself into it with the strange madness and uncontrolled blood lust of a fox in a henhouse.

–Neil Gaiman, Neverwhere


What? So the freakin’ MACHINE gets all the fun???
That makes me so mad! :rage:


Um, the Machine will tell you what is satisfying, citizen.


Put some of that Lladro crap in the vending machine, and I’m SO there!

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That’s like the crockery shies they used to have in fairgrounds.


Breakables are $0.50 each at Goodwill.




I get the impression that the real punchline here either is (or should be) the notion of attempting to alleviate an unpleasant affect state by paying to observe a machine process a mass produced commodity item.

Yes, this makes it a miserable failure as an anger release mechanism; but it makes it a pretty effective representation of how we do things in modernity.

I could really use a drink.

And as the supply of breakables decreases (due to them being broken) the demand for breakables increases, creating jobs for people to create new breakables!

But as others have said, it’s unsatisfying to have the machine break it for you. For an extra $1 they should dispense the breakable (safely) to you and record a video of you throwing it into an enclosed compartment on the side of the machine where the fragments can be safely contained and discarded or recycled. [The video will hopefully deter people from throwing the breakables into traffic or onto the sidewalk to pose a hazard to passing cars or pedestrians, or at least facilitate punishment of the offenders.]


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