2018: The Year in Review




Nor completely accurate. There were > 0 days this year when I was traveling and had no internet, so my computer must have visited without me.


Our machines need to practice before the uprising. :wink:


Cool, but no data for ‘Games,’ ‘Craft’ and ‘Offworld?’


Not enough topics to have the data in 2018, we suppress categories without enough activity from the year in review.


Understandable, but that’s kinda depressing that the most active topics here are the negative ones, especially about 'You-Know-Who’s 1, 2, and 3.


If it bleeds, it leads!

(I think there are also a good number of positive topics doing well though)


Aside from “Resist”, I’m not really seeing it, as even the positive posts that did make the list have significantly low* numbers compared to the “greatest hits”… but okay.

*Dozens and ‘scores’ vs hundreds and thousands


Holy shit! Off-topic, but that GIF gets me!


The plugin has a setting for selecting which categories are used in the review topic. If ‘Games,’ ‘Craft’ and ‘Offworld’ were added to that setting, and some other categories were not included, the results would be different.

To create this topic, I ran the plugin without configuring its categories setting, so categories were ranked by their topics-year count. The top 5 were then selected.


I believe I originally stole it from @RickMycroft.

Thanks for that, by the way.


Alright everybody… to the current questions thread with you… we have some work to do.

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