2020: The Lost and Found Year for College Grads

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2021/02/22/2020-the-lost-and-found-year-for-college-grads.html


Thank you. Both my daughters graduated in 2020, with little fanfare save for a cap and gown portrait in the back yard and a diploma in the mail. One is in grad school, and the other has been flailing around with scuttled plans, career pivots, and frustration. But I’ve also seen them both grow in their struggles. This essay encapsulates their experiences well.


Thanks for this essay. I’ll admit to being a bit concerned about the mental well-being of people your age and younger during the time of Covid. I’m glad to see that many of you have not only discovered resilience but also solidarity in the form of mutal suport during this time. That last is perhaps more important, because solidarity is what will continue to be needed as people now under age 25 face more challenges to come: resurgent fascism, growing inequality, and the outcomes of the climate emergency. Your generation and those younger still have been dealt a bad hand, and not entirely by chance. However, the instinctual response you’ve observed amongst your peers to treat this as a problem for the group rather than for the individual to solve gives me a great deal of hope.

ETA: also, while I understand and appreciate ithat’s it’s otugh out there for recent grads, please remain aware that not everyone your age (or any other age) has a college diploma. Solidarity benefits us all.


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