2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine (Part 3)

Seriously, this could be a lateral move for all three of them.

Prigozhin stated more than once he is not going against Putin. Putin keeps taps on him. Lukasheko gets better standing with Putin. Prigozhin gets in line with Putin again, but does not submit to the Russian military. Putin can still use him as a counterbalance to Shoigu. Lukasheko maybe can use him and Wagner against anyone threatening him from within his own apparat. I’ve indeed been serious above: both Putin and Lukasheko could even install Prigozhin as Lukasheko’s successor.

On the other hand, this could also be a major fuckup by all of them, independently or jointly. The unfolding dynamics of misinformation and misjudgement, leading to a collapsed order and a broken chain of command.

Neither of them is a Blofeld-style planning villain.

Also: can someone pick up the bits and pieces of information now which went under in this clusterfnord? I certainly can’t. What of importance happend elsewhere while we were staring at weird live ticker coverage?