21 pink places to visit around the world

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Rua Cor de Rosa, Lisbon.


If you have a time machine to hand, the Pink Terrace of Rotomahana, New Zealand was supposed to be unbelievable. It was a huge deposit of pale pink silica laid down by geothermal waters from a series of hot springs and geysers associated with Ōkataina Caldera.

The key word here being ‘was’ - because make sure your DeLorean leaves before 10th June 1886, when Mount Tarawera erupted from a 17km fissure destroying the terrace utterly.

Another pink place - Lake Natron in the East African Rift is an alkali lake saturated in washing soda washed down from the very weird volcano Ol Doinyo Lengai. Very little can live there, apart from cyanobacteria which are bright red. So the lake is red, pink and orange. And then there are the flamingoes…

It’s a genuinely end of the world place. Well off the beaten track, but so worth it if you can make the journey.




Surprised that the iconic Casa Rosada (Pink House) in Buenos Aires — Argentina’s Government House — didn’t make the list; it would be a good addtition.

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There’s a lake with a similar colour near Esperance, in Western Australia.

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