$22 Bluetooth receiver for wired headphones

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Has anyone tested to see if it’s vulnerable to the Blue Borne security vulnerability?

I want the opposite: A way to use my bluetooth headphones on airplanes.

You can find similar devices that are switchable, to either receive audio via Bluetooth and play it over wired headphones like this one does, or to receive audio over a wire (using the headphone jack as an input) and transmit it over Bluetooth. One of these in the latter mode might do what you’re seeking.

EDIT: NINJA’ED! Now if someone would only make the complementary Bluetooth dongle that takes analog audio in, and broadcasts it of radio frequency… then even an 80s era Walkman would have Bluetooth headset/speaker capability.

Better off w a better reviewed dongle…


Used this one last season with my ski helmet. Worked great on the slopes, and battery life would last the entire day without low-bat alerts in the cold (0-20’F).

I have one of these for both headphones and for piping sound from streaming sources into our vintage stereo system:
The sound is much better than I was expecting when I bought it, and the controls cover the face and so are nice and large for my aging fumbling fingers. The only downside is there is a tiny but noticeable lag, which is no problem for audio-only but annoying when watching video. I think “bluetooth lag” is a problem for most of these small dongles.

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I have bluetooth headphones I like, but this would be useful for times I’m using power tools and need hearing protection. I could use this with my over the ear active noise reduction headphones. Currently I have a Rockboxed Sansa Clip taped on top of them!

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