24-hour sale: save 84% on these Bamboo Fiber Sheets

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We ordered one of these sets over a month ago and it was never delivered. We had to do a chargeback a few days ago. This is a scam - don’t buy.

These are rayon that’s made from bamboo. Calling these “bamboo fibers” is a lie.

If you’re interested in environmentally conscious products, you may have looked into bamboo. Bamboo grows quickly and needs little or no pesticides. It is used in a variety of products, from flooring to furniture. But the soft textiles you see labeled ‘bamboo’ don’t contain any part of the bamboo plant. They are made from bamboo that has been processed into rayon using toxic chemicals.

When bamboo is processed into rayon, no trace of the original plant is left. Although a bamboo plant can resist the growth of bacteria, there is no evidence that rayon made from processed bamboo is also antibacterial. If a company claims its product is made with bamboo, it should have reliable scientific evidence to show it’s made with bamboo fiber.


The first time they advertised these as sheets as “bamboo fiber” BB could say they they didn’t know that and didn’t know the vendor and/or the Stack Social copy writer was pulling a fast one. Not this time, though, given that posters pointed this very thing out to BB then. Based on the prior disclosure and this current one, backed up with a link to the FTC, I’d have to think that Boing Boing is knowing and complicit in false advertising if they don’t pull this current ad down for its false claims.

Mine never arrived after 7 weeks either…couldn’t reach the boing boing store for weeks either. they claim they are trying to reach the supplier to see what happened but haven’t heard back. After this I wouldn’t order anything from them ever…and I hadn’t even seen the detail about them being rayon.

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I hadn’t really thought about it but I guess Stack Social doesn’t actually fulfill any orders, but rather just processes payments and forwards the order to the variety of possibly unvetted companies it promotes - which might be less of an issue if the Stack Social Terms weren’t invariably “All sales final”.

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I’ve seen this same write up on other blogs…I have to wonder what the blogs are getting in return for posting these ads. The sheets do appear to be cheap rayon.

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