These super-soft bamboo sheets now have a secret weapon: pockets

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I imagine it’s for the same reason we don’t have lots of stupid ideas… whiiiiiich I guess is why it’s finally a thing now.

Is stack social ever going to follow the law and stop calling rayon sheets “bamboo” sheets?

One or two times I get could maybe be accidental or out of ignorance. But stack social does this repeatedly, in spite of the fact that the FTC guidance is clear, unless the sheets are made out of mechanically separated bamboo fiber you cannot call them bamboo. It’s misleading, and in this case deliberately misleading, with the misleading part turned up to 11 by Stack Social:

While it seems counterintuitive when you think of raw bamboo stalks out in the wild, it’s actually a considerably softer fabric than cotton in its processed form.

Yeah, that would be counter intuitive, if the sheets were actually made from mechanically separated bamboo, which they aren’t.


As has been pointed out, these are just made with rayon, which is the same artificial fiber no matter what kind of extracted cellulose is used as feeder stock. So it’s not actual bamboo fiber woven into sheets.

It’s a cheap artificial fiber made from chemically-treated cellulose bulked out with a different artificial fiber made from oil. That would be fine if they were honest about what they are - but no, they’re being fraudulently advertised, with the obvious intent to mislead you, in violation of FTC rules.

Shouldn’t BoingBoing start limiting its store to honest advertising? Sell the same stuff, but be honest about what it is? The objections here about their products are almost always complaints about lies and deceit in their descriptions - evaporative coolers that don’t work in humid climates being sold as “air conditioners”, metal-based pencils being sold as “permanent pens”, out of date software manuals sold with no indication of how out of date they are - Boing Boing can and should do better.


I guess gray is the new vibrant colors.

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Looks like they don’t have California King size. That’s the one that’s longer and narrower than King - it’s wide enough to hold three people instead of four like King, and if you’re tall with big feet your feet still get to be under the covers. We don’t have kids, but it’s also the right size for two people plus one or two cats, even if one of the cats has taken over most of the bed first, and if the cat wakes up at dawn and wants to play with the people, while the people still want to sleep, he has to get up and walk to the other side instead of just rolling over like he could with a queen-sized bed.

If you really like these, Woot has the same stock image for pocket sheet being offered today, but for less cost.

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