The eco-friendly future of sleep is on bamboo sheets

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I get so tired of seeing this particular bit of marketing BS. These lovely “bamboo” sheets are made of rayon. It’s synthetic, it’s static-y, it feels fake and is inferior to cotton in almost every way.

“Rayon” wasn’t selling well. So the marketing geniuses said, hey, nowadays the cellulose pulp we make rayon out of comes from bamboo plantations. What if we rebrand rayon as “bamboo” fabric, and tell everyone how green and eco-friendly it is?


I got a set of actual bamboo sheets ages ago, for one of the kids’ beds. They’re fantastic sheets. But now all I can find is this microfiber blend crap which is awful. No way these are “originally” $200.


Came here to say exactly this. In fact, the FTC doesn’t allow this kind of advertisement for bamboo-rayon textiles, but everyone goes ahead and does it. And very few rayon producers actually recapture the resulting pollutants, most of them are just dumped. It’s hilarious how many names rayon has had over the years, trying to run from the poor reputation (viscose, lyocel, tencel, modal, bemberg - all rayon).


I’ve got some bamboo sheets; they’re ok, but I usually prefer the texture of cotton, especially in summer. Your mileage may vary, and I haven’t had them long enough to know whether they’re durable or not.

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This scammy scam scam shit again?

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