24 thousand people complained to a UK media regulatory body about the actions of contestants on a stupid reality tv dating show

Last week, the so-called ‘Casa Amor’ week, featured a movie night challenge where islanders watched footage of each other. The islanders were shown a clip where islander Teddy Soares, whose partner is Faye Winter, is seen telling Clarisse Juliette about his attraction to her and that he was “technically single.” Soares and Juliette later kissed during a challenge on the show.

Winter then confronted Soares in a heated manner on the Aug. 6 episode, leading to Ofcom receiving 24,763 complaints, most of which were about Winter’s behavior. Ofcom also received a total of 1,093 complaints about the episodes broadcast on Aug.5, 7 and 8.

This is like people complaining about a nature documentary, saying the camera operator should have intervened to save the wildebeest from the lion.

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