Judge orders gentleman to send 144 compliments to ex-girlfriend after his 144 "nasty" messages

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2017/11/02/judge-orders-gentleman-to-send.html

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144? That’s just gross


It is also kind of creepy too. Imagine getting a string of “compliments” from someone you don’t want anything to do with. What a weird punishment for the victim.


This is some serious judge judy shit, I think.


That’s pretty fucked up. How about just ordering him to obey the order against having contact with her, on pain of twice the jail time if he does it again.

Edit: That’s what I get for not reading the article. The headline is misleading.


I dunno how helpful jailtime is, but I’m sure a little time helping the community out would do this guy some good.

Did the judge order that they be SENT?

Did the judge sentence the VICTIM here, to further contact after giving a protective order?


writing != sending


Nothing is as warm and comforting as a court ordered complement. WTF?


He was ordered to obey a order, and has said he will, and has moved on

I think you’ve taken a Boing Boing headline as gospel truth. He was not asked to send them, he still has to/had to write the 144 nice things -about- her, but no, not to her.

That would be insane. Are we all so prepared to believe a judge in Hawaii is basically insane, sadistic, and would have a job after that?

My opinion of Hawaiian judges is intact, and I appreciate that at least one of them at the federal level is keeping us ALL SAFE from the weird travel bans, no?

That is indeed what the headline asks you to do. Thank you for reading the article.


This article was even more shocking yesterday!


per the Maui News link provided in the post: “He was ordered to write the 144 complimentary things about his ex-girlfriend within 144 days”

@Carla_Sinclair, could you fix this. It’s leading a lot of people to believe dark things were substituted for justice in that courtroom, and that did not occur.

Yesterdays had the distinction correct. Not that it slowed the rush to condemn something that didn’t occur.


I’ll get a jump on the game by condemning everything that didn’t occur. It’s going to take a while.

  1. Your hair looks nice.
  2. Your eyes looks nice.
  3. Your nose looks nice.

(Only 141 left to go…)

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Ignoring the arguably unconstitutional, government-compelled speech, isn’t the point that everyone is missing that a judge, in dealing with someone who criminally obsesses over a woman, just ordered that person to continue obsessing over that woman?

How does this help the woman, much less the community?

144 compliments and one dead ex-girlfriend later, the defendant says to the Dateline reporter, "I was ready to move on, but the judge asked me to really think hard about every good thing about her. I came up with not just 144 things, but hundreds of compliments. That convinced me, more than ever, that she was the single best thing ever and we were just meant to be together. "

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You are obviously new here.

1). You seem to thing Boi gBoing gives a flying fuck about accuracy in its reporting. The headline is false and Boing Boing still hasn’t changed it. The man was ordered to write the, but not ordered to send them.

  1. you failed, when responding to a comment that contained a very clever pun about the story, respond in kind. (144 = 1 gross, in case you missed it.).

You have been warned! :slight_smile:

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Reading is for squids. :wink:

Edit: Having now read the article (thank you @One_Brown_Mouse and @Grahamers20021), I feel I must admit that I am disappointed with Boing Boing. If I can’t trust the headline writer on my echo chamber of choice, who can I trust?

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I’ve been here for quite a while :wink: Checking our profiles, I actually have seniority, so salute when you address me :smiley:

I comprehended and liked the pun; however, I thought that drawing attention to it would spoil the fun for the other mutants, happy or otherwise. I feel that comedy can need a light touch in order to blossom and so didn’t want to labour the point.

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Another one for the list!