Judge sentences man to write 144 nice things about his ex-girlfriend

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As amusing as this sentence may be, the best thing that can be done for a protection order is to separate the abuser from the abused. The judge in this case is potentially putting the ex back into the abusers life and mind.


He sent 144 nasty texts? That’s gross. :wink:


He was supposed to write nice things about her - I didn’t get the impression he’s to write them to her.

I think the point is to make him think with compassion about her, so he hopefully internalizes that she deserves to have her own life back.


Good luck with that, fella. Not sure I could come up with 144 nice things about anyone I know. And I know a lot of good people, smarties.

He was able to come up with 144 nasty things to say to her, and they were romantically involved, so you’d think…


I see what you did, there.


Came here to write something about "gross injustice’; forestalled by Ugh.


I don’t think he has to send them to her. More like doing lines at school. Plus he’ll have to think positive thoughts about her, making him less likely to want to be a toxic element in her life any more.
This, plus the financial penalties, is a great way of making the punishment fit the crime.


That and he spent 157 days in jail. If his trial had landed 13 days earlier he could have been in jail a day for each of the texts…

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Yes, I agree with jdaniel30. Was the ex consulted about the compliments? Mightn’t her reaction be "Ew!!’?


Sounds like yet another plot for a bad sitcom episode. With a little more embellishing it could even work for a musical.

I sense some djinn-style corruption of the rules might be about to occur:

Your eyes align in such a way as to prevent you from looking either cross-eyed or wall-eyed.

It’s amazing how you can open tin cans without a mechanical opener.

(a couple for the ladies to use)
It’s such a turn-on to see you wrestle with difficult information, much more than most men.

Your back reminds me of those summers I spent reading while lying across my grandparents’ shag carpet.

etc. etc.

any relation to Johnny Cash?


Young told Loo he will not reach out to his ex-girlfriend again and is moving forward with his life.

That sounds like he’s openly defying the judge’s order. My concern is if he complies, what if thinking up and writing all those nice things causes him to decide he’s in love with her all over again. Instant stalker!

I’m always a little disturbed when judges feel the need to do weird shit like this. It’s not like it’s the world’s most horrible punishment, but when someone starts feeling like they have to get creative about sentencing, that’s a bad sign.

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Not so sure. If he had tweeted that without tagging her it would be 140 examples of better character(s) than he had show her before. That’s gotta be close enough to woo Loo.

Doesn’t sound like they’re all that nice to you tho :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

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I have to agree, it doesn’t solve the problem.


Or he’ll resent her even more for embarrassing him.