Deputy sheriff jails ex-wife after she complained on Facebook about him


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Christ what an asshole.




Lying to a judge to obtain a bogus warrant can go very poorly for the liar.


I want to say “there are no words”, but of course, there are many, many words… a lot of them profane.

Weird how so many LEOs and law enforcement officials in jurisdictions the world over seem unwilling or unable to deal with actual, honest-to-goodness harassment, death threats, fraud, and other forms of abuse online… but others will engage in this kind of thing.

I guess the “bright side” of this story is that the matter didn’t go further?



Good thing she wasn’t jaywalking and posting to Facebook!


This deputy sheriff is not just dumb enough to arrest his Ex for calling him on being a dead beat dad, but then is also dumb enough to blame a judge for said stupidity.

This asshole is going to get some serious comeuppance.


I do hope he’s going to be sleeping alone for a good long time.


Solitary confinement? I dunno, seems harsh, but I’d have to look at his rap sheet.


Probably nothing bad will happen to him. His union will pay all his legal fees from the civil suit, and he’ll keep his job.

It used to be that abusive cops were grabbed by an angry mob of the people they’ve been fucking with, smeared with hot tar, had feathers dumped on them, then bodily thrown out of town.

That seems very mild compared to what this guy should get.


I can only imagine what other abuse happens to her behind closed doors. And even scarier to imagine what kind of levers he is pulling to keep her from divorcing him.


“I didn’t kill that guy, it was the bullet that killed him . . . arrest the bullet!”




Arrest that judge!


I bet the judge overseeing his wife’s lawsuit is going to LOVE King’s “throw the judge under the bus” legal strategy.


But at least the Deadbeat Ex-Husband, COREY KING, preserved his reputation by ensuring the nobody on Facebook ever found out what a TERRIBLE PERSON COREY KING is.


So the original post might have been seen by a handful of people, most of whom would have chalked it up to ex-dissing-ex and assigned it low credibility and/or not cared. Now, thanks to his actions, millions of people now believe that Deputy King truly is a POS. Great decision-making; way to think things through Dep.


Seems legit. This couldn’t possibly have been an abuse of power by the deputy, could it? :thinking:


And that’s why we can’t have cops.


“It’s good to be Deputy King!”

What a delicate flower of a man.