Sheriff Clarke didn't like plane passenger, had him harassed, then taunted him on Facebook


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Clarke must be 45’s nominee for the director of the FBI. He’s a near perfect fox for that particular henhouse.




What an Asshole.


the Sheriff. . . was dressed in Dallas Cowboy attire.

I’ve heard enough. FUCK THAT GUY!


Almost that bad:


“Cheer up, Snowflake,” the post read, which included a photo of Black. “If Sheriff Clarke were to really harass you, you wouldn’t be around to whine about it.”

This sounds like a death threat to me.


I find this entire thing incredibly uplifting and refreshing.

Its not just older white men who can be total asshats.


"no arrest unless he becomes an asshole with your guys,”

If it’s illegal to be an asshole now, I’m all for it, but perhaps we should have a strict definition of what constitutes an “asshole”, because Sheriff Clarke could very well find himself in violation of that law here.


What the hell kind of dollar-store gimcrackery is pinned to his uniform?


There’s a great twitter rant by a veteran who goes OFF about his terrible badges and pins and attempts at military ribbonery. Damn, I can’t find it, but it’s good!!


Milwaukee County, you say?


Hadn’t even looked at that until you mentioned it. DAFUQ. he’s a Sherrif. That’s elected right? Who awards him these “medals”? Himself?!?


from The Nib


That’s exactly what I thought. I have a handful of service ribbons ok my uni. Doesn’t look anything like that.

Is he going for this look?


Nothing “sounding” about it.


More like this:


Saw that one too.


[quote=“Carla_Sinclair, post:1, topic:101676, full:true”]
Although the two men have different stories, they do agree that Black asked Clarke if he were the Sheriff. When the Sheriff replied that he was, Black silently shook his head, to which the Sheriff asked if Black had a problem with it. Black says he replied that he did not have a problem, while Clarke says that Black stood over him in a threatening manner.
[/quote]So, a dude gets really upset about somebody shaking his head at him, and then:[quote=“David Clarke, post:1, topic:101676, full:true”]Cheer up, Snowflake
[/quote]Self-awareness is reaching critically low levels here



Here, the actual crime is mentioned

“Sheriff Clarke is coming off our 1534 flight,” said the female airlines worker. “They called and said there are three passengers that are not being respectful to him.”

Contempt of cop is a dangerous thing these days.