David Clarke, America's other death-camp sheriff, resigns


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Ironically, Trump supporters will still only feel this way about him:


The sad part is that I could totally believe that was a real tweet.

It wasn’t was it???


OH NOES!!! Sheriff Clarke is gone? I guess he’ll have to send his cop drag back to the Village People now.


“See everybody? I have a black friend in my administration now. Technically a registered Democrat, even! Nobody better ever accuse me of being racist again.” —You Know Who


That’s quite the rodent he’s trained to stay on his chin.


A pardon for Clarke would be a tough call for Trump. I don’t think T’s neo-Nazi constituents would necessarily give an African-American Clarke a pass even with his rabidly conservative and downright dictatorial nature.


“Oh, tRump can pardon him. Of course he can. Clarke’s one of the good ones.”


“He’ll be head of a new… group I’ve invented. It will be called the Gestapo. Gestapo. Isn’t that s great word?”

–audience at rally cheers–

“I thought that word up myself.”

–audience at rally cheers–


Oh yes they would. They just love having that One Black Guy around. He makes them totally not racist!


It hardly matters. Even if it’s not real now it will be soon.


He can be friends with Trump Rally Black Guy.


Time to queue up Queen on my mp3 player, I see:

"And another one down, and another one gone…"


I’m glad he resigned. He has that going for him.


As opposed to being fired and leaving his post with a knife sticking out of his back?

I suppose…


You gotta stop fucking with me with these tweets. They are close enough to be real too often.

Also, I see we the Borsely Institute has helped another person…


He can be in a buddy comedy with Arpaio! It can follow the classic formula where their relationship starts off on the wrong foot with some wacky abusive racist hijinks that cause them to shoot each other, and it ends with them bonding over the shared experience of dying in a 130-degree desert prison due to lack of proper medical care.


I’d watch that.


He’ll probably take Gorka’s vacated position, because now Trump has found someone who’s actually even less qualified to occupy it. The nice bit is that in a matter of months (weeks?) he’ll be booted out of that.
This is the Trump administration process - people don’t last, and they’re replaced by someone less competent, crazier/more awful than whoever was there before, their only qualification being that they supported Trump during his campaign. Given the churn rate, if Trump lasts four years, the administration will be full of gibbering, shit-flinging serial killers.