Trump "seriously considering a pardon" for convicted racial profiler Joe Arpaio


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People are waiting to see him refute what he said about nazis.
Why wait I say?


Fer fuck’s sake, Donald…


Just when it seems that the racism seething inside Trump couldn’t get any more obvious…

I guess because he’s our Official Leader, a lot of people just refuse to see it.


I guess for Trump, “racism” and “patriotism” look a lot alike.


The pivot is as forthcoming as Duke Nukem Forever.


In a way, yes, clearly.

Just as for a lot of people, “all-American” means “white.”




And by that you mean, it took 13 years and ultimately was unsatisfying?


Replace “13 years” with “never” and “ultimately unsatisfying” with “the whole process was like being punched in the dick for eternity.”

So basically the same.



(FYI-- parody twitter account. I know it’s hard to tell sometimes, particularly with Trump.)


Alt-Right applaud tRump, again.


One of my email addresses gets regular spam from an outfit called Paramount Communications, which seems to be a ‘conservative-friendly’ bulkmail business. Since late 2016, I’ve been getting semi-regular spam in the name of a constellation of Republican figures. All the spam has the same format: “Things are getting desperate, the Lib’ruls are winning, send your money now to [Republican politician]”.

The newest one is from something claiming to be a ‘legal defense fund for Joe Arpaio’. I haven’t figured out yet whether these are really associated with the people they claim to represent, or if it’s all just a clever scam, but it does bring a smile to my face every time I get an email message with the subject “Sheriff Joe found GUILTY”.


Paraphrasing Nigel Tufnel:

It’s like, how much more racist could he be? and the answer is none. None more racist.


I don’t even know how much of this is coming from the hatred inside Trump’s heart. Maybe he’s personally just indifferent to racism.

The one thing I’m pretty sure of is that Trump’s entire sense of self-worth centers around how much adoration he gets from OTHER people, and the one group that has stood by him through thick and thin is the far-right racists. As long as that continues he’s going to be loathe to do anything to alienate them, even if it doesn’t make for political strategy in the long term.


Is it OK for one criminal to pardon another?


Damn shame that every single voter that still supports Trump would agree with a pardon.


Is it OK for one criminal to pardon another?

Not morally. But then, when it comes to politricks,
morality is just a thin layer of pancake makeup.


There is no more disgusting personality trait than "I don’t follow the rules of others but you had better follow my rules "