Trump pardons Joe Arpaio


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Hey, I know, lets pardon rapists, mass murders, child molesters…




JFC,goddamn shit, fuck, hell. Câlisse de tabernac, to borrow from Quebec.

Where is that giant meteor when you need it.


I may just get religion because I suddenly have a great desire to know that hell is waiting for a select few.


The good lord never inflicted a major hurricane on the United States when Obama was president.

Just saying.


Civil War monuments melted down into bullets sounds like a good idea.


I wonder if he purposely timed this to coincide with the signing of the new transgender military ban just to make it extra clear that he’s pandering to the bigots.


Sure seems like it.


And you’ll notice he still hasn’t declared a state of emergency for Texas.


I think someone has purposely timed them so they get buried by Hurricane Harvey news.


Now it all becomes clear: Trump is upping his hate-stake in order find out who in his administration – by their self-revealing words or attitude – are not 100% on board with him. Only racists and fawning flunkies are allowed.


Get the fuck out; seriously?

He can be bothered to make sure Border Patrol still has to do checks along evac routes, but he can be bothered to declare a national emergency when one is one the horizon, literally???


I keep thinking the freakshow can’t get any crazier… and yet it does.

@Melz2 as beat me to the gif… but yeah that.


I have no doubt of this.


So why didn’t he do this the other night at the rally where he was expected to do it, but didn’t, and what changed to make him do it today?


So I guess he’s hoping we’re all going to b e pissed off about transgender service men and women and Arpaio and ignore the fact that he’s willing to let Texas drown without any effective response.

I keep hoping to wake up one day and know that the last piece of KFC was the last piece of KFC this shithead of a president will ever eat.


How strange that the statement omits any discussion of why Joe would need to be pardoned in the first place …