Joe Arpaio's senate run will help a Democrat get elected


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Doesn’t his pardon mean that he pleaded guilty to the charges against him? It’s crazy that this is even technically possible; he should be barred for life from any form of public office.


Just like Trump delivered us a HIlar… oh wait.


Well, we’re in luck then, because he’s 85. He won’t be inflicting himself on humanity for much longer.




I get now why politics has devolved into demonizing the other side to the point of hysteria. It doesn’t matter who you put up, as long it isn’t “them”. Sure it makes the other side and moderates thing you’re crazy, but with enough true believers it doesn’t matter.

Of course, the down side of this is eventually you have poisoned your party putting in horrible people and you start to actually reflect the the monstrous caricatures.


Arizona is the Mississippi of the South-West, so can Arpaio win, you bet your 127 degree Summer days he can.


I hope so, but I’ll have to see some hard numbers and a competent Dem challenger before I start celebrating the Arizona GOP nominating a sadistic racist criminal* for the Senate.

[* I know, shame on me for “demonising” the opposition]


This is eerily reminiscent of what some said about Trump and the GOP, that on the off chance they nominated him, it would clinch a Democratic victory.


On the flip side there are plenty of civil rights leaders who were convicted of criminal offenses (often in the course of protesting unjust laws) so maybe that alone shouldn’t be a disqualification.

The main thing preventing us from being governed by horrible convicted felons is that most of the time voters don’t want to subject themselves to the whims of horrible convicted felons. Obviously some exceptions apply.


Excellent posting. now off to universe C137: will Chelsea Manning running for Senate in Maryland help to elect a republican?


Unlikely, she is running against a popular, sitting incumbent for the nomination.


Is it still demonizing if it’s the well documented truth?


Kristen Wiig was delightful as a translator for the classic O’Donnell commercial.


A convicted criminal can run (and serve), that right isn’t one you lose. The one you can lose is the right to vote (and it may vary by state, at least some require you to be sentenced for over a year in prison, and only for some classes of crime, and so on).


No, the author misses something important here. Arpaio is the third candidate to enter the race. There is another fringe candidate, Kelli Ward, that Bannon is backing. I don’t know if Bannon has any juice anymore but the Mercers might still be behind her. If Arpaio and Ward split the nut-job vote then the establishment candidate could win the primary and have a better chance of winning the general. That person will probably do whatever McConnell tell them to.


I am definitely not a witch. Why are you asking?:sweat:


He didn’t plead guilty, he was found guilty and had an appeal in progress.
Rhode Island’s infamous mayor, “Buddy C”, was forced to resign after pleading no contest to assault charges and tried to run in the special election to replace him!


I read that wrong the first time. I thought it said “Oppositioning the demons.” :slight_smile:


Novae means is that by taking the pardon he legally affirmed his guilt, had he not done so there was a chance he could have appealed the previous court ruling and won. Now that the pardon is a done deal he is de facto guilty.