Actual Lynching In 2017

Words fail me, and if you know me, that’s no minor feat.


Ah, the greatness of America…


This is so fucked up, there are no memes or gifs strong enough to express it.


I’d post the understatement gif, but even that feels like coughing at a hurricane right now.


An 8 year old child, dude… I can’t even.


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Perhaps I’m overly vindictive, but if that was my neighborhood, I’d hunt those teenagers down personally, and have a little one-on-one private talk with each of them.

I can’t “like” this.

But thank you for bringing it to our attention.

I’ve been noticing more micro-aggressive racism and overt sexism out in the real world, my fellow non-white and female friends concur.

Edit: an extra “r”.


I completely understand.



(satirical, humorous, derogatory) The United States of America as viewed by the stereotypical southerner.

We keep getting all this hot air about making America great again, while it slides, tumbles, plummets in the other direction.

It’s a fucking coup, and you guys need to get that filth out of office, fucken stat.

To all those decrying violence as a way to actually defend people: what do you think you would do if you saw this happening? If you would stand by all “deary me” like you want everyone to do,then you’ve got as much blood on your hands as those stringing this kid up. If you would have rushed to help him and pushed his attackers out of the way if necessary, well, that’s engaging in violence to save someone else, the exact thing you’re happy to sit behind you keyboard ripping others for doing. It’s also the right thing.

And if you don’t think rhetoric leads to violence, then tell me where these teens all got the same idea that it’d be cool to lynch the black kid.

I feel bad using a little kid to make a point but this is the reality. Not White Supremacists fee-fees but real people’s lives.


Damned straight, it is.

I’m glad the little guy’s going to be all right. This time. I worry that the perpetrators either didn’t know, or worse, didn’t care that they were attempting to murder a little boy. And the police chief seems far more interested in the perpetrator’s “safety” than that of the victim’s.

I’ll be hugging my own 8 year old boy a bit tighter tonight.


I am sorely tempted to go up there this weekend with a sign that says “Ur Town Is Fucked Up” and stand in the town square until someone is violent to me too.

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Yes, it would be just awful for them to face logical consequences for lynching the village black kid.

Only strong children like Trayvon Martin should face consequences.

I can’t even. It’s just too much on this one… The amount of normalization of this sort of thing for teens to be abusing 8 year olds in the first place, and then the racism on top of that is just…

I think maybe NH Child and Protective Services could open a branch in town, is my point. And maybe we should close a couple of their liquor stores if you catch my drift?

It takes a village to lynch a child.


Only a few miles away from where Christopher Cantwell lives.

Probably just a coincidence, but still unsettling.

As someone who has survived many sincere murder attempts all I can say to that right now is “Ouch!”


This is the sort of thing that, when I hear about it possibly happening, I think, yes, in the current climate it certainly could. That does nothing to prepare me for the deep horror I feel when I read about it actually happening. And that’s compounded by the way the local police chief is defending the perpetrators.

From the article:

As late as Friday, Claremont Police Chief Mark Chase would not comment on the specifics of the case, saying only that they were still investigating and that those involved are juveniles, prohibiting him from specifically making any comment. Chase also said that the kids being investigated (who knows if they’re charged?) should be “protected.”

“Mistakes they make as a young child should not have to follow them for the rest of their life,” Chase said.


So, the perps will be leaving town, to avoid the evidence of their CHOICES?

There are few mistakes in this world, but no shortage of choices presented en masquerade.


Some states have laws forbidding authorities from releasing the identities of juvenile suspects. I’m uncertain if New Hampshire is among them.


It’s in Claremont, too. Nobody likes Claremont. Fucking armpit of NH.