Meet the sheriff who threatened to arrest someone for having an anti-Trump sticker on their car

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So, where can I get one? Edit: The sticker not the sheriff.


Authoritarian control freak is a cop…

Who could have guessed :interrobang:


Where’s all the right wing outrage over first amendment rights, eh?


That outrage is reserved for speech containing racial or ethnic slurs.

Don’t you dare talk bad about the President!

I mean, unless he’s black…


He’s the perfect poster child for trumpanzees, a coward hiding behind a piece of magic metal. He blathers out of ignorance about how big and strong his god is but quails when someone has their own thoughts. He threatens with a power he doesn’t have and has no control over. He has no idea that the greatness of this country is based on the fact that you can state your opinion freely and without recourse from bullies. He is another vector for the disease that has crippled and threatens to kill a once potentially great nation. He isn’t even worthy of the Christ what an asshole comment, he has risen to the height of a common asshole…even a seated one.


My only quibble with your point is: shouldn’t it be Trumpangutan not Trumpanzee?


He looks like he sniffs women’s panties.

Meet the douche bag sheriff who threatened to arrest someone for having an anti-Trump sticker on their car.



Meanwhile the sheriff probably lets this guy get away with driving in the carpool lane.


Do you really think in terms of Right and Left? You and everyone else that has bought into the “them vs us” construct are the biggest political problem we have. Don’t forget that Trump was part of the Democratic party. Now he drapes himself in the cloth of the Republican Party. When people stop being myopic and lazy by seeing everything as a good vs evil, black vs white, Red vs Blue, etc, etc, and start to use critical thought about each individual issue then we will begin to progress as a society. Ask yourself how many of “your side’s” ideals you truly believe in after understanding both sides of the issue in depth and how many do you just support because it is part of the left or right package? The democratic party is supposed to be against commercial influence and yet got massive donations from commerce just as the Reps. The Reps are supposed to be about fiscal resposibility and small gov and yet they pour money into the war machine and it’s expeditions. Voters run around listening to the narratives spoon fed to them. If you were buying a used car, the last person you would listen to would be the used car salesman and yet in politics we do exactly that.


If you could rework that paragraph to use the word, “sheeple”, that’d be great. Thx.




I don’t know - it’s ambiguous. Is there something missing, like “Nobody with a functioning central nervous system would” or “Faced with alternative of death I still wouldn’t”?


The 'Impeach Clinton" stickers are hot sellers in some parts, no doubt.


Are you advocating for a … THIRD POSITION?


I detest primatist terms. What orangutan or chimpanzee has ever gone tactically bankrupt? OK, reduced to extremes of boredom in confinement chimpanzees hurl dung just as Trump uses Twitter, but I don’t think that’s enough to build an analogy.
Trumpaholics perhaps, people driven by an impulse they can neither understand nor easily control.


Spamtasticus (great name, by the way, beats the Hell out of a fictional lightning rod salesman) is correct. It’s not the ideas that are at fault, it’s being closed to ideas that are different from our own, the inability to discuss differing concepts without malice and hatred. Ideas are the solution, and until we learn to be rational human beings, to listen and try to understand someone else’s point of view and how it contrasts to our own, to celebrate our differences rather than denigrate them, to stop listening to pundits and think for ourselves, we are doomed to remain in this cycle forever.


Is his shield made out of vibranium like Cap’s?

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As usual, still no answer to how this is supposed to work when the other person’s “point of view” is that women and minorities aren’t human beings who deserve equal rights and that all of reality that doesn’t conform to their view is a lie, regardless of evidence. I’d say those ideas are very much at fault, and you can’t argue with them because the people holding them are not coming from a position of reason to begin with. “Fuck Trump and Fuck You” stickers may not help the problem, but I don’t see how they make it any worse- at least they show that those views shouldn’t be tolerated, no matter who is president.