Texas cop fed shit to homeless person


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I got a dollar says I can guess who he votes for!


Another dollar says he’ll be reemployed as a cop in the first small town down the road.


That’s a shit eating grin if I ever saw one.


Maybe, depends if they actually check his back ground or not.

But he managed to even get the Union to abandon him.


So not murder, theft, assault…nope, what gets a cop fired is feeding shit to a homeless person. Check.

No charges, I notice.


Wow, so that’s what it takes to get the police union to abandon a bad cop. Though I have a sneaking suspicion he really burned that bridge by doing similar stuff to other cops.


Wait, wait, I got another one:

“In his defense, his lawyers claimed that he wasn’t trying to make a shit sandwich, but rather an art project to create an accurate replica of Donald Trump.”


If I remember my creepozoology class correctly, this is how Trumps reproduce, parasitizing homeless people as hosts.


Someone who wants to make the entire country eat a shit sandwich, no doubt…


Yes, it is truly an object lesson in police ethics:.

Murdering black people for kicks: just harmless fun.

Playing pranks with poop: utterly beyond the pale.

Somehow I suspect the response would have been different if the homeless person had been black


I can think of a fitting punishment…for starters let the homeless guy shit in a sandwich and watch Officer McPoopwich enjoy a nice hot meal. Still think it is funny Officer McPoopwich?

“It didn’t happen,” Sifuentes said. There are no eyewitnesses or video recordings and no statement from the homeless person, the lawyer said.

lawyers, for f*ck sake…HE told several other officers that he had done this, and they turned him in. Does his voluntary confession to multiple officers of the law count for nothing?

This is akin to Trump acting outraged when women accuse him of committing assault when he is on record bragging about committing assault on women. speaking of turd sandwiches…


It’s Texas. There are many cops leapfrogging around the state.


He got in trouble because he got caught. If he hadn’t, he’d still have his job.


As much other (worse!) stuff goes down without incident, I really am glad that in this one case at least, someone in blue saw fit to draw the line and hold it. I’d like to see that line lengthened and broadened, but for now at least, it’s there!


I’m curious if this latest five year hitch is his first as a cop. I wonder if he’s done anything in a previous law enforcement position that caused him to move to this job.

Seems like there ought to be a bad-cop tracking list like they have for sex offenders. It’d make that whole background checking thing easier for all those small town police departments that have so much trouble checking.


$5.00 that town is Albuquerque.


I misread your handle as Breitbart at first


I hear Chipotle wants the recipe.


This reminds me of a shitty prank. A guy in high school once found a large shit on his windshield with GI Joe arms and legs stuck in it. It had some note on it too. Can’t remember what that was.

IIRC his friends did it.