Florida cop accuses Burger King of putting dirt on his burger. It was seasoning.

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When I was a sandwich artist I got a ton of cops coming though.

I asked why they love Subway and was told it’s because they can watch the food be made.





My dad was a cop (well, MO State Highway Patrol) and when he would go into anyplace in uniform he would get a discount. I’m sure that if they had the ability to print on the tickets at that time they would have let the kitchen know it was for a cop so they could, I don’t know, use the less wilted lettuce or something? Maybe it was just a midwestern thing or maybe times have changed, but this guy seems like a big ‘ol baby to me. Don’t want someone to fuck up your food? Two options: police can begin calling out their racist, minority murdering peers and help shift the culture in a positive way or make your own goddamn food.


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Florida Cop doesn’t seem to be any brighter than Florida Man. :thinking:


You know, if you didn’t keep breaking the public’s trust then you would more easily be able to trust the public.


“Florida cop” is definitely a sub-category of “Florida Man,” based on the evidence.


“… at the last bite I saw dirt and grit on the burger. In disgust, I threw it out of the window,”

Not only is he an assh0le, he litters. Another fine example of "Murika’s finest.


The cops last name is McCormick. Irony level: 9000


Or - when they ask you your name - say Steve.


And let some peon address you by your first name?


I make a custom seasoning blend to give my burgers that fast-food taste (it’s 40% MSG) that I call “sand” because … well, it looks like sand. Wouldn’t take much tweaking to get it to look like dirt.


oh, you should have left the label on

hashtag sandwich artist with top hat and deck of cards makes cops nervous.


Now if you’re a Burger King employee and you want to serve a cop a protest burger, go with a free bacon cheeseburger without bacon. When the cop asks “where’s the bacon?”, you reply with some snarky remark, like “the bacon is holding the burger!”


It’s highly likely there were several brown people behind the counter. So to McCormick they were already guilty of something as soon as he saw them.

He policed his food just like he polices the residents of his town.


Just about every restaurant I worked at gave uniformed cops free food. I have never been under any illusion that it’s not a straight up bribe. “Oh, no, your moneys no good here” type of thing. It’s always just one or two cops that the restaurant had built a relationship with. If the cop that came in brought in more then a few other police officers, they would insist on paying, but when they were by themselves, never.
Most times the payoff for the restaurant was incredibly fast response times if they did have to call 911. If the cop you were feeding for free was on duty, they would almost always be the first ones there. If they were not on duty, the other police usually knew that it was an officers territory and they would make sure to take care of things.
The other benefit usually, but not always, was fixing shit. “Oh, your dumbass cook got nailed for driving dirty, give me his name, ss# and DOB and I’ll get it taken care of” I’ve seen all sorts of traffic violations fixed this way, expired license/tags, no insurance, speeding, DUI’s whatever. Lot’s of minor drug charges fixed for employees too. Usually the big ones that wouldn’t get fixed were gun charges, sometimes they would get iffy about any violent charges. Of course if your bouncer beat the shit out of anyone, it was never the bouncers fault, no matter how violent the bouncer got.
The worst was this skeezy bar owner. Horrible pig of a man. Would loudly tell anyone about how much he fetishized a certain nationality of women. So he hired a new 19 year old cocktail waitress who was that nationality. His ex wife was also the same nationality. So after the new girl worked a couple of months, he stole his ex-wife’s passport and used it to fly the cocktail waitress to _______. (Because gag according to him, they all looked alike) His ex-wife realized that he had stolen the passport and called the police. When the plane landed at home, he got “arrested” in the terminal of the airport. His only punishment was that all the cops and restaurant/bar owners in the neighborhood teased him for about a year for being a dumbass. No fine, no court date, nothing.
The messed up thing, that wasn’t the big stuff I learned about corrupt cops. The big stuff was so unbelievably stupid it made the national news. Then it got drug out for years and eventually all the cops involved got promotions.