San Francisco restaurant apologizes for kicking out armed cops who made staff "uncomfortable"

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You can eat brunch and be on duty at the same time? That’s not how most jobs work.


Meal breaks are actually required by labor law.


I do hope they survive this terrible most horrible experience.


This country. I’ll tell ya…


In Arizona, there was a law passed that stated that you could carry UNLESS the owner of the establishment posted a specifically formatted sign that stated otherwise. However, it contradicts an older law that states that unless you are a peace officer (i.e., cop) you cannot have your firearm in restaurants that serve alcohol, even if it’s concealed.

There’s also a third law that states that you are also not allowed to drink while packing.


the restaurants in my neighborhood offer diiscounted meals to officiers in uniform,

Apparently, bad folks are hesitant to try and rob a place if some officers are eating there.

(yeah, i don’t live in the best-of-best neighborhoods)


Yeah, a lot of places do. I think Quick Trip gas stations gives them free drinks and snacks, as half the time I stop by for a not bad BBQ sandwich, there is a cop there, and I see them fill up and walk out with out paying. I too don’t live in the best of neighborhoods. :confused:

"We welcome them into the restaurant when they are off duty, out of uniform, and without their weapons

If that is really how they feel, they should know that cops are always armed, even when off duty and not in uniform. Even retired LEOs who are no longer active duty have special exceptions and allowed to carry. Just an FYI.


Well, that’s shockingly reasonable.

My dad was a cop in Missouri and everywhere he went he got a discount. Even if he was out of uniform, they often recognized him. This was in a very rural area with an incredibly low probability of violent crime in Hardee’s. More of a “back the blue” attitude there.

ETA: There is also the faintest whiff of extortionist mafia reciprocation involved as well, even if dad would never be able to comprehend it.


Who’s surprised that cops with guns make people uncomfortable? anyone? anyone? SF cops don’t have the best rep. Sad the restaurant backed down and issued an apology.


guns can be handy in a restaurant when they run out of swiss cheese.
(providing they have regular cheese)

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But when I’m on my lunch break I am not at work, hence not ‘on duty’. I don’t typically bring my laptop/machine tools/rivet gun/whatever to Arby’s with me.

(Full confession: I am not convinced that guns are necessary for police officers when /on/ duty, much less while on lunch break)


I was surprised that the local punk coffee shop gave free coffee to cops back when I was in high school. “They’ll give us all kinds of shit if we don’t” was what my friends who worked there said.

See above.



Fucking bullies.


I’m not convinced of the necessity at all times for all officers. But the fact remains that they are legally required to carry them and as workers and human beings require sustenance.

Changing the requirements makes more sense than saying things like why do employees get time off to eat.


I must not understand what ‘on duty’ means. shrug

You certainly don’t understand that they’re required to carry during lunch and off duty.

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Right? Where are the Republicans justifying a business exercising their right to refuse service to anybody they want?

I guess it’s totally ok to deny a gay couple a wedding cake, but not allowing an group of armed men into a store to buy a sandwich is suddenly a travesty?