Deputy sheriff jails ex-wife after she complained on Facebook about him

That’s the most willfully obtuse statement I’ve heard in my entire life.


Deputy King


also, album name

also, Deputy to the King.

also, “ha ha” --Nelson Muntz

in closing, I’ve heard of “blue ice”, is that where the blue snowflakes come from?

what was that, let me turn down my Barbara Streisand LP.

Who what it you were saying was using the auspices of his professional office to communicate false matter which tends to expose one who is alive to hatred, contempt, or ridicule with the intent to defame another?

Deny Abuse - Reverse Victim and Offender? Who does that?

That’s the other one.

Also, another thread to pose the question: did anyone ever ask Ms.Streisand (on the record) do comment on her interwebz fame as namesake of said effect?

Also, Hail to the King for making this resonate with the interwebz. Reminder to fulfill fatherly duties.
Strike that.
Human duties.

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