Anne King, Jailed for a tweet about her Deputy Sheriff husband Corey King, receives settlement and apology

Back in 2018, BB wrote about the tale of Anne King, ex-wife of Washington County, Georgia Deputy Sherriff Corey King, who was jailed for tweeting the fact that her then ex-husband had refused to pick up medication for her children to twitter:

Now years later, Anna finds herself with a $100,000 settlement and an apology from both her Ex-husband, and Judge Ralph Todd, who had arrested her on the bases of a Georgia-state defamation law that had been ruled unconstitutional - in 1982.

As far as I can tell, Corey King remains employed.


So some semblance of justice does exist in the world.


Seeing a lot of cases of settlement posted recently here, I started wondering how much of the police budget is used for that.

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I also wonder how often it’s the city budget, versus the police budget, that ends up on the hook for this.


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