Georgia police captain got his ex-wife jailed for her Facebook comment about him


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What’s the point of power if you can’t abuse it? That’s what it’s for!


Of course with a name like Captain King he’s going to have an enormous ego problem.

If only his parents had named him “Little Jimmy Wetpants”.


That’s why Lance Armstrong won seven Tours de France and Toothpick Weakknees won zero.


What a fucking weak excuse for a human being. I have no words.


You’ve got my vote!


I’m going to fall back to…

Christ, what an asshole.


Southern hospitality and neighborly behavior.

Source: lived my entire life in Tennessee.


To your face. Just don’t turn your back.

Bless your heart.

Source: two decades in Texas.


In fairness you will see a lot of people that go out of their way to help someone they see needing help, even and especially if it’s that person they talk shit about constantly. It’s a weird sort of local sport. Still having a hard time wrapping around the scoring system. Then again I’m thin on local friends.


Lance Armstrong has won as many TdFs as I have.


Nobody said anything about him playing fairly, and even with the tactics he used it is still an accomplishment to consistantly finish.


Maybe he just objected to buying name-brand rather than cheaper generics?


Don’t leave us in suspense! Did this tactic succeed in making him the favorite parent again or not?


Yes it did, because if he’s not the Favorite Parent ™ again, his kids are getting thrown in jail.


Solitary confinement: Time out for keeps.


Rights need a reasonable enforcement and legal system. In our system where anyone can be illegally charged by corrupt magistrates and sheriffs, you only get rights if you can afford the time and money to fight trolls in court. How much justice can you afford?


These should be as obligatory as XKCDs in these circumstances:

EDIT: Also, this is how you settle an argument!


In a sane world the first words of the headline would read “Georgia police ex-captain”


The good news is that their kids are going to put some therapist’s kids through college someday.