Here's the video NYPD released of a plainclothes cop brutally attacking tennis star James Blake


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Blake was guilty of SWB…Standing While Black.


I thought he was getting jumped- actually, I suppose he was.


And sadly, Frascatore will probably find a willing employer in another department somewhere.

No excessive force goes unrewarded.


Mayor Bill de Blasio also communicated with the former tennis player by text, CNN reports.

Is it just me, or does that seem kind of insulting?


Looks like Blake is going to use his fame to shame the NYPD into insisting on better police behavior. Good man, and here’s hoping it works to some degree.



Why does Mr Blake believe the police serve the public? Their ‘oath of hono(u)r’ doesn’t refer to the public but - in order - to “the constitution, my community, and the agency I serve”. Since it’s possible to imagine a conflict of interest between the three ‘fiefdoms’ listed, would the conventions of English Usage prioritise the first or the third? I’d imagine - since it’s nearest the verb - the third (i.e. their own guys’n’gals) but I’m nut sure. However, even if the constitution gets priority, it would seem that ‘my community’ (which could mean almost anything, but I understand that they are meant to understand it as ‘jurisdictional citizenry’) is always going to get the short straw in such conflicts.


To be fair, White Power scares the shit out of me, and I’m white.


I though earlier Blake said he felt he wasn’t targeted due to race, but his take down was due to police being assholes.

Assuming this photo is real, he looks a hell of a lot like the suspect they were looking for. It isn’t like they just grabbed Black out of the blue.


Ditto. White on white crime is much higher than black on white.


I hear Ferguson is hiring.


He is obviously guilty of 1st Degree Just Standing There.


Actually, he looks a hell of a lot, like a hell of lot of other people as well.


Yeah, so? The issue is the WAY they “grabbed” him (duh).


Sure. But there is still that whole identifying yourself as an officer of the law. I know if some random person ran up to me on the street and attacked me I would defend myself.


NYPD only releases videos when they’re intended to clear the Officer involved, so there’s little chance of any real disciplinary action here. Certainly, nobody’s losing their job, except perhaps Mr. Blake.


Did they need to take what sounded like a non-violent suspect down like that?


Ugh. So sick of hearing the same old calls for reformism. How many centuries do we have to wait?


Oh, you mean that picture DeBlasio said they got from “okbutler,” an online virtual assistant, of a guy who turned out not to have anything to do with the case? You’re right, it does kind of look like him.