Georgia police captain got his ex-wife jailed for her Facebook comment about him


i’m not going to go look but I bet the MRAs love this guy…


“Captain King has threatened to re-arrest his ex-wife, saying, “don’t make the mistake of going to Facebook with your little shit you found to fuss about” and suggesting she could face “willful contempt” if she does so.” And he refused to pick up medicine for his sick kids.

So, the above, access to weapons, and a couple of accommodating friends with power, and apparently not contrite after a ‘real’ judge put the kibosh on the arrest. If I was her I’d grab the kids pronto and make a run for it to some place out-of-state. This cop is dangerous.


Seriously, this is so unacceptable. This is felony false imprisonment, and the cop should be in prison.

They do shoot mad dogs after all.


Yep. Yet another emboldened Mussolino crawling out of the swamp.

@jdaniel30 has it right: in a just world, this Mussolino and all the Mussolini like him would be permanently stripped of any privilege to serve the public.


I went to college 2 hours outside my home of Metro Atlanta. For about 3 months I dated the son of the sheriff of a neighboring county (his cousin introduced us). After I broke up with him, I had to add almost an extra hour on my drive between school and home because his cousin informed me that all the neighboring county sheriff’s patrols had my license plate number with instructions to pull me over if spotted. All because I did not want to date his son.


In Texas, there are state charges of Official Oppresion

It’s only a misdemeanor in most cases, but you lose your law enforcement license on conviction.

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