Motorcyclist gets well-deserved scolding from mounted police


I appreciate the encouragement of continued recording. That’s rare, these days. Also, the MC-guy is a putz.


That’s a pretty cute video. I like it. It demonstrates what I feel is a proper interaction between police and citizen. In the US, the police would likely have shot the cyclist. Or dragged him off to jail on some pretense of offense, like a partially obscured license plate.


Why, horse-coppers’ main function is cracking heads in riots, so it’s surprising they’re pretty chill the rest of the time, though they usually are.


partly obscured, totally obscured, or absent plates are pretty normal where I come from and nobody gives a shit unfortunately. Also driving without helmets is the norm and again nobody gives a shit. sadly

agree, he was riding like a dick (i’ve done it too) and he got a proper scolding. No tasers were involved. no one took a beating, no shennanigans. just s proper scolding and go on. :slight_smile: I like this.

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At the same time in another “European” country…

The officer was classy and very cool. I am glad the biker also seems to have understood the lesson, since he posted the video.

All things considered, some faith in humanity restored. Some.


I think it has something to do with the goodwill derived from a procession of awe struck youngsters who all want to see the horsies. (When they’re not cracking skulls)

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Many of whom are pointing and laughing at the great big dick on the horse (no, not the one between it’s legs). Or maybe that might have just been the kids round where I used to live. :smiley:


I was imagining young kids with their parents, y’know, the kind that are actually capable of good will. :wink:

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I was waiting for the guy to pull another wheelie as he left. Sadly disappointed.


Kudos to the cop for that most British (or Londonese maybe) phrase “Don’t give me any old flannel.”
Extra ten points there.

I also liked the polite acquiescence of the miscreant.

Today was a good day.


If the biker had actually had obscured plates then he’d have been nicked right there. Same with any other obvious violations (eg no helmet, non functional lights etc.). In the UK there’s certain minimums which are rigorously enforced, together with the mandatory MOT test, which is a annual* checkup of the roadworthiness of your vehicle.
It’s a pain in the arse, especially if you own an older car, but at least you know that every car on the road had working brakes, steering etc. at some point in the last year.

*(New cars are exempt for a few years, but I’ve never owned a brand new car)

When things are chill, they love it when you ask about their horses too

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